Equinix, ALOG, Help Brazil Companies Handle World Cup Craziness

Equinix, ALOG, Help Brazil Companies Handle World Cup Craziness

A soccer-obsessed country is hosting the biggest tournament in the world’s most popular sport. Things are bound to get a little nuts.

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil has inspired fans to paint flags on elephants, consume soccer ball burgers and a consult a psychic turtle to try to predict winners (the turtle missed on the Brazil-Mexico match, btw).

As crazy as things can and will get in Brazil, if you’re in business in there, they can’t get glitchy. And you’d better be prepared for what promises to be an extraordinary few weeks.

Equinix is the controlling partner of ALOG Data Centers of Brazil, and ALOG worked hard during the World Cup run-up to make sure a couple Brazilian companies were ready for what was coming.

LANCE!Net has been around for a few World Cups since it first hit newsstands in Rio de Janeiro in 1997, offering an exclusive focus on Brazil’s sports scene.

Seventeen years later, it’s covering the World Cup in a host country that can’t get enough of it. In an ALOG case study, the site’s Web IT leader, Fernando Lenine talked about LANCE!Net’s expectations for the tournament.

“We expect that the average of 1.3 million daily access we have today will triple during the World Cup, as the whole country will be following soccer not only on TV, but also through computers, tablets and smartphones” he said.

He added, “We can’t permit any problem with availability, either internally with publishers, or externally with portal users.”

The company launched the “BugZero” project with ALOG to ensure uninterrupted availability and stable website connections, and to support the high volume of World Cup traffic. As part of the project, LANCE!Net temporarily increased the number of cabinets and servers it housed in ALOG’s Botafogo data center in Rio de Janeiro.

The added infrastructure came with the round-the-clock availability of a team of tech experts to keep things going. That team will be available to LANCE!Net after the World Cup ends. Another lasting benefit is the updated proxys and firewalls that LANCE!Net installed to beef up its permanent security.

SBF Group was also focused on the full-time online availability, but for its e-commerce operation, which is one of the main businesses of the retail sporting goods giant.

The group was founded in 1981 and grew to be the largest retail sporting goods network in Latin America. The group projected a significant increase of data access during the World Cup, and knew it had to be able to guarantee high-quality service. It did that by moving its computing infrastructure into ALOG’s data center in Tamboré.

Daniel Vidotti Prando, the group’s head of e-commerce IT, said the Tamboré facility was appealing because it offers access to the latest technology, including top physical and digital security.

He added, “The site has Equinix global quality standards, one of the main reasons of our choice. Furthermore, the company offers dynamic service and is network-neutral.”

SBF Group reports in an ALOG case study that the change led to a massive 35% percent reduction in IT infrastructure costs. That’s not World Cup-crazy, but’s it’s really, really good.

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