Meet The Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

One company makes sure Pandora listeners keep listening. Another finds a partner to help clients better understand their trading performance. A third turns an Equinix IT consolidation into a chance for innovation. Then, there’s a network service provider that takes on Texas.

That’s just some of the latest on Equinix Forum:

Forum NTT Communications

NTT Communications tapped to meet expectations of demanding Pandora audience

The Internet radio station Pandora has a demanding audience of 20 million, all wanting to hear their music on their time. To avoid disappointing their audience, Pandora has to be just as demanding of the carriers that provide it with Internet bandwidth. That’s why they turned to NTT Communications:

“The central charge we have is the quality of the listening experience for all of our listeners,” says Steve Ginsberg, Director of Technical Operations for Pandora. “While price is an important part of how we choose a carrier, the more important part is that we maintain that listener experience.”

NTT America, the U.S. owned subsidiary of NTT Communications (NTT Com), fit the bill for Pandora on all counts, providing a 10G Ethernet service that is “steady and reliable,” Ginsberg says.

Download the case study here.

Forum Options

Financial cloud provider Options partners with analytics firm Velocimetrics

Leading financial cloud provider Options has partnered with the analytics firm Velocimetrics, which offers monitoring technology that delivers broad visibility across the complete trading environment. Together, the companies will offer clients an instant and detailed understanding of their trading performance through real-time latency monitoring, problem detection, alerts and rapid-issue analysis:

“Once an issue has been identified, users can examine specific transactions to view each component event and understand the precise nature of any given issue on the route. The fully managed solution also comes complete with a visual interface and customer-specific configurable dashboard.”

Learn more in the press release.

Forum Service Now

Equinix moves from consolidation to innovation with ServiceNow

The five different teams in Equinix’s IT group performed service management with combinations of three separate tools, as well as spreadsheets. Each faced similar problems in day-to-day operations, including lack of visibility, inefficient manual processes, poor checks and balances and lack of integration. They eventually tapped ServiceNow to try to harmonize their fragmented landscape:

“What started as a standard IT tool-consolidation effort at Equinix has evolved into the creation of innovative applications and has transformed the way IT supports the business. Two-and-a-half years after go-live, more than 400 Equinix users work in ServiceNow under the guidance of Eric Fisch. Now, IT plays a crucial role in the success of departments across the enterprise.”

The case study can be found here.

Forum Global Capacity

Global Capacity knows everything is bigger in Texas, including network connectivity demands

Everything is bigger in Texas, from its land mass to the pride of its residents. It turns out its network connectivity demands are bigger, too, and Global Capacity is there to meet them:

“Texas is close to the geographic size of Europe and has network connectivity needs to match. Over the last 12 months, Global Capacity customers have generated over 250,000 quotes in the Dallas area to nearly 24,000 unique business locations. One Marketplace, the marketplace of networks delivers the information, design and pricing tools that meet Texas’s bandwidth challenges. So as it turns out, network solutions are bigger in Texas as well.”

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Equinix Forum

Trading in Singapore: Equinix explores this leading financial center in Asia-Pacific

Singapore isn’t just the geographic center of the Asia-Pacific region, it’s also one of its key financial centers, offering an array of financial asset classes and trading instruments with a high degree of liquidity and market efficiency. A report by Equinix introduces the trading trends and opportunities in Singapore markets and provides an overview of its financial markets, regulation and technology:

“As there are so many asset classes and financial derivatives including commodities, equities, FX, ETDs and others, with good liquidity in Singapore market, it is very attractive for multiple types of asset management companies and dealers.”

Download the report here.