EMC, Microsoft and Equinix Join Forces to Deliver a Cloud Without Compromise


Cloud computing beckons the enterprise with promises of greater agility and cost savings. But many businesses worry cloud adoption also means less control over their data, decreased privacy and degraded performance.

The EMC/Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute/Equinix solution, now available for deployment in Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, can end those concerns without forcing compromise. It brings enterprise-grade private storage to the public cloud by enabling businesses to build a hybrid cloud that uses and extends their existing storage infrastructure, while delivering the efficiencies and flexibility of public cloud technology.

Here’s how it works: Data is stored on the EMC platform, either on premises or in the cloud. Applications run in Microsoft Azure and are directly linked to enterprise storage by Azure ExpressRoute connections. Because ExpressRoute provides private, secure, high-throughput connectivity between cloud compute and private storage resources, data can be transferred with ultra-low latency, delivering a level of performance that supports many demanding enterprise applications.

It’s all housed inside Equinix, which offers ExpressRoute in its IBX data center facilities in 16 global markets. Recent EMC testing with its Isilon scale-out NAS solution confirmed that the ExpressRoute connection between Equinix and Microsoft Azure delivers improved throughput and performance in both the U.S. (Silicon Valley) and EMEA (London).

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The addition of EMC to the industry-leading cloud ecosystem inside Equinix data centers expands the options available through the Equinix Cloud Exchange. The newly introduced exchange is an innovative software-defined connectivity platform that allows companies to make multiple connections to multiple clouds from multiple sites. With near real-time provisioning of cloud services and dynamic bandwidth allocation, the Equinix Cloud Exchange makes connecting to the cloud as simple, elastic and convenient as the cloud itself. Through the exchange, companies can pick from the data center industry’s largest selection of IaaS, SaaS and managed IT services, empowering them to connect to the clouds they want and adjust their portfolio of cloud services as business requirements change.

The combined EMC/Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute/Equinix solution completely bypasses the public Internet and brings storage and applications into close proximity inside Equinix data centers, ensuring application performance that far exceeds what’s possible using public networks. The result is highly compliant, highly scalable storage that will run like it’s in an on-premises cabinet, with latency of five milliseconds or less.

By establishing a private connection between enterprise-grade storage and cloud compute, companies eliminate key barriers to hybrid and public cloud adoption, including data security and unpredictable network performance and latency. According to the 2014 Gartner Report, “Cloud SDN and the Evolution of Enterprise Networks,” at least 50% of cloud deployments through 2015 will suffer from business-impacting performance issues, requiring extensive network redesign. The EMC/Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute/Equinix solution marries private storage with the public cloud in a way that aims to overcome the hesitations businesses have about large-scale cloud computing.

EMC’s portfolio of products long ago won the confidence of businesses. The EMC/Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute/Equinix solution builds on that reputation. It’s more than just a way for customers to integrate the EMC technology they trust into the cloud. The solution also offers an opportunity for channel partners to expand their cloud businesses by bundling Equinix offerings with storage and managed services. With more than 55% of Fortune 500 companies already using Microsoft Azure, there’s vast opportunity to design the hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure that best fits an enterprise’s unique needs – without compromise.

Watch this video featuring Jason Hepp, EMC General Manager for Microsoft Solutions, to learn about EMC’s exciting new offering: secure, private storage for Microsoft Azure, now available at Equinix:

View this video featuring Jason Hepp, EMC General Manager for Microsoft Solutions, to learn what EMC’s private storage solution for Azure means for Equinix customers migrating to the public cloud.

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