From Carp to Clouds, Confluence Points Can Create Opportunity

Equinix Cloud Exchange

Confluence points in nature often create unexpected challenges. Take for example, the flooding that spurred voracious flying Asian carp to swim from local ponds into the Mississippi River and from there into the Ohio River, potentially threatening the ecosystem of the Great Lakes. But in every challenge lies the potential for a new opportunity. Seizing the chance to turn the problem carp into cash, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and officials from Moon River Foods, an agribusiness subsidiary of a Chinese conglomerate, recently announced the company would invest $3 million and hire up to 100 people to harvest and process Asian carp for export to China.

In the colocation industry, we’re seeing how the confluence of enterprises, networks and cloud services can also create momentary disruptions that spark enduring opportunities. It seems “everything-as-a-service” is now possible due to the confluence of various cloud services such as software-as-a-services (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). These services have spawned a new cloud marketplace where companies can shop for more cost-effective services for everything from application development environments to data backup and disaster recovery. The converging of different cloud services has even given the rise to a new species called a “cloud services brokerage,” which is an intermediary that makes it easier to use and integrate cloud services from multiple providers.

We’ve experienced cloud convergence happening within our 100+ global Platform Equinix™ IBX® data centers. The introduction of our Equinix Cloud Exchange has enabled us to become the confluence point between enterprises and cloud providers and networks. As the home of the interconnected cloud, we enable companies to bypass the Internet and directly connect to the data center industry’s widest range of cloud providers, including top public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Box. We also enable customers to directly access more than 975 networks.

Inherent in the Equinix Cloud Exchange is network virtualization technology that will enable automated provisioning and dynamic bandwidth allocation to simplify the process of managing connections to multiple cloud services. It provides one-to-many virtual connections to multiple clouds simultaneously and flexible bandwidth options to handle variable workloads. Equinix Cloud Exchange enables enterprises and cloud providers to converge and leverage our network and IT services ecosystem to create less complex, more cost-efficient and higher performing cloud environments.

With Equinix IBX data centers in 32 major markets in 15 countries on five continents, our cloud ecosystem has global reach. Network and cloud providers can gain also access to our worldwide customer base of over 4,500 companies through our Equinix Marketplace.

As with the confluence of rivers, converging cloud and network ecosystems with enterprise IT environments can deliver a stronger, more diverse ecosystem than any one service can deliver alone. We believe the cloud ecosystem within Equinix IBX data centers will foster new types of cloud services – mash-ups and value-added services we can’t even envision today – and help shape the cloud industry for years to come.