Meet The Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

Equinix Forum is built to host thought leadership pieces and topical discussions, and some of our most recent material highlights that. We’ve had articles on colocation in the foreign exchange markets and the top three benefits of Carrier Ethernet. Forum has also offered white papers to get people thinking on a variety of subjects, including connecting infrastructure within the new OTC derivatives markets, operating big data in the cloud and the importance of networks to cloud computing success.

Take a look at some of the latest on Equinix Forum:



GTT: Cloud computing success demands the right cloud connectivity

Because employees everywhere must have secure and flexible access to applications now residing in the cloud, they also need network connectivity with the cloud. But not all networks are created equal, and a cloud solution is only as good as the network that supports it. In this white paper, Global Telecom & Technology looks at how partnering with the right network can deliver, flexible, secure and tailored cloud access:

“Most consumers either do not notice or are willing to tolerate Internet performance issues, but enterprise IT executives certainly recognize the problems, and they cannot afford to tolerate them. They must have a more reliable, secure, predictable and controllable cloud-networking solution. A private-network approach, consisting of Ethernet and MPLS-based IP-VPNs, satisfies the tough enterprise requirements for cloud networking.”

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Equinix examines how to connect infrastructure in the changing OTC derivatives market

Recent reforms introduced by the international Group of Twenty (G-20) forum have been applied in regulatory efforts that have regionalized formerly global markets. That means various platforms, clearinghouses and platforms that might have been created globally must multiply regionally, and that’s magnified the burden on new infrastructure for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. This Equinix whitepaper looks at how these infrastructure components need to be linked:

“In an effort to maximize their individual liquidity, OTC derivatives markets, CCPs, and platforms are increasingly making it more about their products and services and less about how to connect to them. They’re doing this by moving toward more open interfaces, infrastructure, messaging standards, access methods and points of presence (POPs) in third-party data centers.”

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Global Capacity looks at the top three benefits of Carrier Ethernet for business

Unified communications, VoIP and a general increase in data transfer are putting bandwidth and performance pressures on wide area networks. That has IT decision makers seeking alternatives to outdated technologies. In an article, Global Capacity’s VP of Product and Marketing Mary Stanhope lists the top three reasons that Carrier Ethernet has emerged as an option for businesses as they look to upgrade:

“In short, Carrier Ethernet is a solution for both present and future business needs, especially with regard to enterprise communications applications and big data management.”

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Go Grid looks at making big data work in the cloud with hybrid infrastructures

As companies capture more data, they’re looking to the cloud for better ways to get value from it. But the most prevalent infrastructure-as-a-service architectures are based exclusively on server virtualization, which may not be acceptable to many organizations. This white paper explains how a big data solution can be run in the cloud in ways that help you best understand consumer behavior, optimize business processes and analyze business performance with novel metrics:

“In the context of Big Data, hybrid cloud infrastructure hosting delivers exceptional performance for processing unstructured data without needing to manage hardware.”

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FCM360 details colocation solutions for foreign exchange markets

The equities and derivatives industries pioneered colocation to eliminate latency from order execution by locating their servers near, or within, the buildings of the world’s exchanges. That sparked a move toward colocation in foreign exchange (FX) markets. But this article by FCM360 notes that colocation in the FX markets is not as straightforward:

“FCM360 specializes in turnkey data center solutions for FX Brokers, liquidity providers, traders and exchanges. These solutions include low latency technologies, colocation and connectivity, and proximity hosting for high frequency trading, automated trading, algorithmic trading and exchange connectivity.”

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