NetApp Launches Database High Availability into the Public Cloud

Jane Shurtleff
NetApp Launches Database High Availability into the Public Cloud


There are certain applications that are just ripe for public cloud deployment. For example, IDC has reported that the cloud data backup and recovery services market exceeded $2 billion in spending last year, with double-digit revenue growth. A Forrester Consulting survey recently found that 44% percent of database professionals are either planning or aspiring to use public clouds in their data backup and disaster recovery plans. Companies are moving their data protection to the public cloud for good reason. According to the respondents in the Forrester survey, they’re:

  • satisfying the requirement for frequent backups
  • reducing administrative costs
  • meeting their service level agreements thanks to automation and faster data access

In this growing market for cloud-based data protection, database high availability emerges as another application ready to make the move to the public cloud. Envision a scenario where a virtual database can seamlessly failover between two completely different public cloud services. This is exactly what you’ll see in a newly available demonstration of NetApp’s Private Storage Cloud-to-Cloud Failover. The video shows NetApp performing a fast and flawless failover of Microsoft SQL Server cluster nodes between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure clouds – all within a Platform Equinix data center.

Why did NetApp choose Equinix? First, because of the physical security and operational reliability of our world-class Platform Equinix data centers. We use advanced security equipment, techniques and procedures to control and monitor access to our data centers, which meet the security requirements needed to migrate mission-critical systems and applications to the cloud. Our data centers also deliver an average global uptime of >99.9999%, demonstrating our superior operational reliability.

NetApp also looked to Equinix to connect its NetApp Private Storage to multiple public clouds simultaneously. Equinix is the only cloud and IT services provider that can link AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services together from within the same data center. The Equinix Cloud Exchange bypasses the public Internet and provides direct, high performance access to AWS and Microsoft Azure, enabling deployment of secure and reliable hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

The NetApp Private Storage Cloud-to-Cloud Failover demonstration proves that the public cloud is ready for mission-critical storage applications, as long as they are launched from the right platform.



Jane Shurtleff
Jane Shurtleff Communication Strategist