In the News: New Equinix-Cisco Partnership Center Stage as Multi-Cloud Future Touches Down


The announcement of Equinix’s new partnership with Cisco was important news for businesses and the future of enterprise IT, and that may help explain why it played prominently across a range of media outlets.

Mainstream sources, including Bloomberg and Reuters, and leading technology and trade publications spotlighted yesterday’s announcement as evidence of the growing importance of interconnection in a multi-cloud world, and Equinix got several chances to weigh in on how the partnership helps the enterprise.

Chief Technology Officer Ihab Tarazi told Bloomberg, “The idea is to make it easy for enterprise customers to get what they need.” Speaking with EnterpriseTech, Tarazi said that once Intercloud is integrated into Equinix Cloud Exchange, it could help customers move workloads “out of the basement” and into Equinix data centers.

Yesterday’s announcement came at a time when more and more companies are building services that rely on multiple private and public clouds. The announcement detailed Equinix and Cisco’s plan to develop a hosted private cloud solution for the Intercloud that will use Equinix Cloud Exchange to provide direct access to the abundance of cloud providers inside Equinix. Cisco plans to deploy Intercloud in 16 Equinix markets worldwide. Read the press release here.

The combination of the Cisco Intercloud and Equinix Cloud Exchange ecosystems has a few key implications for enterprise IT. One, enterprises can be assured of secure interconnection and data management, right up to the application level. They can also lower operating costs by making direct, more efficient connections with the network and cloud players within Equinix’s diverse ecosystems. That can help process more workloads in less time. Overall, the partnership between the platforms removes critical management and interconnection barriers holding many enterprises back from realizing the promised business benefits of the cloud.

Following are excerpts and links to some of the press highlights:

Bloomberg: Cisco puts meat on bones of its Intercloud push

Other large IT equipment suppliers have similar plans to try to maintain market share. … Cisco’s dominance in networking gear gives it a leg up, said Equinix Inc. Chief Technology Officer Ihab Tarazi, whose company is one of the new partners. With more than 50 percent market share of the routing and switching market, Cisco can drive business to cloud service providers, especially if the Intercloud gives customers faster networks and more flexibility than they had when running their own equipment.

CRN: Cisco Intercloud Ecosystem Swells With 30 New Global Partners

The (Cisco-Equinix) partnership promises a two-pronged solution for enabling speedy and secure migrations of large enterprise workloads, said Chris Sharp, Equinix vice president of cloud innovation.

Leveraging the Cisco technologies inside Equinix network-neutral datacenters around the globe is “another step in the direction of adding to that ecosystem and adding the ability of customers to dynamically leverage the right cloud services as they need them,” Sharp told CRN.

ZDNet: Cisco ramps up Intercloud efforts, adds 30 global partners

Cisco said rapid growth of the hybrid cloud model was the impetus for the latest Intercloud effort, as more and more companies are building services that rely on multiple private and public clouds.

Equinix CTO Ihab Tarazi used the transportation startup Uber as an example of such a company, describing in a blog post how Uber’s credit card processing, analytics on passenger/driver data, and data services to access live traffic and event schedule data are hosted in multiple clouds that vary greatly.

Read the blog post here.

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