Private Cloud Hosting Goes Global

Jane Shurtleff


If you are like many companies worldwide, business priorities like simplifying management and reducing operational costs are driving your decisions about which business applications and IT services you’ll entrust to private cloud hosting. According to a global survey of over 2,000 global IT professionals, the following services (in “most-hosted” order) are the top five that their companies are purchasing from cloud hosting providers:

  1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  2. Hosted infrastructure services
  3. Outsourcing services
  4. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  5. Colocation services

The survey and resulting report, “Hosting and Cloud Study 2014: Hosting and Cloud Go Mainstream,” by 451 Research, Uptime Institute and the Yankee Group (and sponsored by Microsoft), showed that the adoption of hosted private cloud services is expanding worldwide and IT spending on these services will continue to grow from 28% – 32% over the next two years. The report also revealed a significant rise in hybrid cloud deployments within global enterprises with participants reporting:

  • 61% have on-premise private and private hosted clouds
  • 42% have on-premise private and public hosted clouds
  • 40% have hosted private and public clouds

“The hosted private cloud is a gateway to hybrid cloud environments for many customers,” says Marco Limena, Microsoft’s vice president, worldwide hosting and cloud service providers business. “With this momentum continuing to build, it’s clear that we’ve reached a tipping point in which most companies have moved beyond the discovery phase and are now moving forward with cloud deployments to deliver improved business results and capabilities.”

As we suggested in our recent blog post,Avoid Hybrid Cloud Gotchas: Part 1″ you need to “…know who the major cloud players are, how their services are consumed and how they fit into your company’s fulfillment process.” So how do you best leverage the growing number of cloud hosting service providers to meet your users’ application needs and your company’s business goals? For starters you can go to where the most cloud providers are and join an expanding, dynamic cloud ecosystem that will give you the flexibility you need as your cloud strategy grows.

Seek out colocation and hosting environments that provide you with a fast and easy on-ramp to the hybrid cloud world. A multi-purpose, vendor-neutral environment can provide you with a rich ecosystem of cloud hosting choices and cost-effective ways to interconnect to them – all within the same data center facility, cutting your cloud deployment time down from months to minutes.

Equinix is the home of the interconnected cloud. We house a growing ecosystem of more than 450 cloud services, enabling secure, direct connections to both AWS and Microsoft Azure. With our private cloud services, you can deliver cloud applications directly to carrier backbones that power enterprise WANs, reducing time-to-market and optimizing performance. You can connect to multiple clouds across the globe over a single link via our Equinix Cloud Exchange and benefit from automated cloud connection provisioning. You can also give your private, public and hybrid cloud designs a test drive at one of our global Solution Validation Centers.

Whether you are part of the 20% of those IT professionals surveyed who are new to hosted cloud deployments, or are included in the 45% that have been purchasing hosting for 2 – 5 years, putting down roots where the most clouds and cloud experts hang out is a smart strategy to achieve your cloud vision.