Meet The Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

What’s happening now? One goal of Equinix Forum is be a place where readers can get that question answered and also gain insight into whatever’s current. Two recent Forum pieces on data security do exactly that. So do the white papers and videos on trading conditions and trends in Asia that were featured in Forum’s new Spotlight section. We also carried a look at a key marketplace of networks, as well as news about a $5 million investment in a company that’s improving broadband access in the developing world.

Here’s more about what’s been happening on Equinix Forum:


1-netsomethingNetswitch offers insights as security grows in complexity and importance

Growing interconnection is making data security both more important and more difficult. In two Forum posts, technology management company Netswitch takes a look at how threat intelligence can make companies safer and also examines a specific threat, and how to best avoid it.

“BadUSB – Is this like BadMonkey?”

This article looks at an exploit called BadUSB, which works by reprogramming the firmware in USB controller chips with code that attacks the underlying architecture of USB devices. This allows the attacker to use the USB device to store and deploy malicious hardware:

“Now that the instructions for building BadUSB attacks are out in the wild, it’s possible malicious hackers could start building these types of attacks. So, should we freak out? Yes, we should.”

Here’s the entire article.

“Leveraging threat intelligence in security monitoring”

Netswitch likes to say threat intelligence enables companies to benefit from the misfortunes of others. This article discusses how threat intelligence can allow firms to glean attack patterns and other information from assaults on other organizations, so they can be better prepared when attacks hit them:

“You cannot actually get ahead of threats without a time machine, regardless of what vendors tell you. The threat already exists, but wouldn’t it be great to know about it before it is used against you?”

The article is found at this link.


2-equinixEquinix puts the spotlight on trading in Asia

It’s no surprise that financial markets in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong are all attracting intense international interest. Those places all rank in the top 10 of the World Economic Forum’s 2013/2014 Global Competitiveness Index, which measures the conditions for economic development, productivity and prosperity in 148 economies. Equinix Forum is now offering a feature called “Trading in Asia” in its new Spotlight section. The feature includes white papers and videos with expert analysis of the region. Here’s a sample:

“Ever since the Silk Road was first established as a trading route between the East and the West over a thousand years ago, Asian markets have presented Westerners with a myriad of interesting and unusual trading and investment opportunities. Fast-forward to the present day and that continues to be the case.”

Visit the Trading in Asia Spotlight section here.


3-globalcapacityGlobal Capacitygoes back to the basics with a look at One Marketplace

The fall is a season when kids spend substantial school time reviewing the basics of subjects they put aside for the summer. Global Capacity figured that made it a good time for a little review of its own. An article by VP of Product and Marketing Mary Stanhope looks at One Marketplace, the company’s marketplace of networks, and how it simplifies the buying of connectivity services:

Simply put, a marketplace disrupts ‘business as usual,’ is efficient, and offloads transactional processes done by people to simplify the connection of buyers and sellers and delivering services. Why not apply this same simplicity and experience to the fragmented connectivity market?”

The article can be found here.


4-divinetworksIFC invests $5M in DiViNetworks to help optimize broadband data delivery in developing nations

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has invested $5 million in DiViNetworks, an Israeli company that offers cloud-based broadband solutions that improve data delivery and save money. In a news release, the company described how its DiViCloud technology frees up congested Internet connections, lowering costs and increasing Internet access for enterprises and consumers in developing countries.

“In today’s world, affordable and effective internet access is increasingly important for economic development. DiViNetworks’ technology is offered as a monthly service, playing an important role in expanding broadband access in a simple and cost efficient manner.”

Read the press release.