Why you need a Global Solutions Architect


At the recent 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, leading industry CIOs answered the following question posed by SearchCIO: “What was your biggest IT challenge of the past year?”

The replies went well beyond the standard “to reduce costs” answer. Today’s CIOs need to wrap their brains around new technologies that can power their businesses but find they don’t have the time to fully evaluate them.

Top on their minds are:

  • enterprise-wide digitization,
  • agility at business and IT levels, and
  • mitigating Murphy’s Law by trying to avoid risks lurking within their IT strategies and designs

We believe we have an answer for CIOs striving to accomplish these and other complex IT goals. Equinix is a leader in IT colocation and interconnection and connectivity services and, as a company that has developed a global reputation for helping businesses deploy best in class IT infrastructures, we thought we’d let you in on our secret weapon ̶ the Global Solutions Architects (GSA) team. GSAs pave the way for customers who want to optimize their businesses using solutions available in the technology and industry ecosystems within our global IBX data centers and maximize their return on investment in IT infrastructures.

This unique worldwide team is comprised of industry veterans with extensive network design and operations skills; large-scale cloud deployment experience; facility operations knowledge; enterprise architecture capabilities and business analytics expertise. GSAs help companies to reduce the hidden risks and costs of digitalizing their businesses by working with them on designing, validating and deploying high-performance and efficient technology- and industry-based digital IT implementations.

They act as trusted advisors on making the right networking and cloud service provider choices so companies can develop the agility they need for scaling their businesses, while at the same time, managing costs (Yes, reducing overhead costs does still matter!). And, as an extension of the IT organization’s team, GSAs work with enterprises of any size to find the right answers to their IT issues, avoiding missteps and do overs that can delay important system, application, network and cloud deployments. And, the Equinix GSA team ensures that project and strategic roadmaps are executed regardless of the region or geography.

The Proof is in the SVC

Equinix’s global Solution Validation Centers (SVCs) are proving grounds where GSAs help companies test drive their IT, network and cloud infrastructure designs. For example, the GSA team was instrumental in the design and deployment of the NetApp Private Storage for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure projects, which NetApp ultimately brought to market.

Here is how it all works. The GSA team coordinates deployments in the Equinix global SVCs so companies can see how to optimize their network spend with a dense ecosystem of more than 1,000 networks. At the same time, Equinix enables companies to embrace the global cloud deployment solutions that AWS and Microsoft Azure have rolled out with Equinix. And the NetApp Private Storage component allows companies to maintain control over their critical applications and information. All of this innovation resides today within Equinix’s physically secure and operationally reliable state-of-the-art IBX data centers and colocation facilities.

The Times, They are a Changin’

Similar to the winds of change that drove the adoption of the Internet, the current focus on cloud and SDN/NFV services requires enterprise and service providers alike to change their thought processes. The Equinix GSA team focuses on bridging the next-generation data center, network and cloud/IT infrastructures together, while showing our customers the greatest return on their investment, providing virtual CTO/CIO capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

I invite you to check out our blog series on how to Avoid Hybrid Cloud Gotchas and learn more about our GSAs and SVCs.