When Hosting your Cloud Services, Location Really does Matter

Jane Shurtleff


Where do the industry’s leading cloud services providers (CSPs) go to host their solutions? According to Talkin’ Cloud’s 2014 Edition of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers, 68% choose colocation centers. And what’s not to like? The benefits and economies of scale you can realize by hosting your cloud services at a colocation facility are huge.

Source: Talkin’ Cloud


But before we dive into the reasons colocation facilities are so attractive for hosting cloud services, let’s talk about the key SaaS services these leading CSPs are delivering to their customers and why these types of applications can play a deciding role in where CSPs choose to host them.


Source: Talkin’ Cloud


You’ll notice that the top SaaS applications hosted by CSPs can be categorized as mission-critical apps that require either high performance application acceleration or high availability, or both. So how does hosting these types of applications in colocation facilities make a difference?

Starting with performance and the cost of application acceleration, housing SaaS services in a colocation facility, with multiple network service providers (NSPs) and enterprise customers, benefits CSPs in the following ways:

  • The flexibility and choice of NSPs allows CSPs to choose from multiple robust, high-bandwidth options at competitive prices, without the limitations of vendor lock-in
  • Residing within the same facility as their network partners and many of their enterprise customers enables CSPs to deliver their services to users via the most efficient interconnections possible
  • Global proximity of distributed colocation facilities to customers worldwide puts cloud services closer to local users, reducing latency caused by long-haul connections

In addition, mission-critical applications such as backup and disaster recovery, email and storage require the operational reliability and high availability that most businesses of any size find unattainable due to the high overhead required to maintain these services. Colocation facilities are able to provide both the physical security, redundancy and 7 x 24 technical resources required to support mission-critical applications with:

  • Distributed, global facilities that support redundant IT infrastructures for backup and disaster recovery
  • Greater physical security and consistent operational reliability, such as more than 99.999% uptime, around the globe
  • Lower overhead for redundant resources such as power and cooling, which also contribute to maintaining higher system and application availability

Go where the top 8 of the 10 CSPs live

There certainly is strength in numbers. With eight out of the top ten CSPs residing in our global IBX data centers, along with the more than 450 CSPs in our growing global cloud ecosystem, that’s a lot of cloud power for companies to tap into. And our Equinix Cloud Exchange is the only global cloud interconnection solution on the market today that enables enterprises, NSPs and other CSPs secure, private virtual connectivity to multiple cloud services, through a single physical, high-speed port.

Source: Talkin’ Cloud


Talkin’ Cloud’s survey of the Top 100 CSPs has truly identified the top three ingredients in cloud services delivery – location, location, location.

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