Protecting What’s Inside Equinix Starts Outside

Equinix’s commitment to security inside our data centers is immediately obvious to any visitor. The biometric hand readers, mantraps, and highly-trained security staff are out-front and well-known components of Equinix’s formidable security apparatus. USA Today even mentioned a few of them in an article this week. But protecting what’s inside Equinix starts outside, and we’re always working to ensure our exterior security is robust. Here’s a glance at some of what we do.

No signs of trouble

Our International Business Exchange ™ (IBX®) data centers don’t display Equinix signage of any kind. We believe drawing as little attention as possible to our facilities keeps them safer. We also avoid exterior windows to limit points of entry, and some facilities that appear to have windows, don’t really have them. The “windows” at one of our early Silicon Valley facilities, for instance, are just a façade, backed by bullet-proof board.

Moats, planters and broken glass

Our AM3 data center in Amsterdam is completely surrounded by a water-filled moat, and that’s just one (albeit unusually interesting) way we deter intrusion from the outside.

Broken glass is embedded in the rooftops at some data centers, to discourage attempted aerial entry. The SG3 data center in Singapore, which opens next year, will have blast-resistant walls and hydraulic security bollards to keep unwanted vehicles away from the front of the building. Other IBXs are surrounded by planters that are filled with concrete.

That’s bullet proof

The exterior walls at our data centers are lined with Kevlar, a material that protects our troops and various combat vehicles and resists all manner of projectiles. The exterior doors leading to our visitors lobby are also made of bulletproof material.

We’re watching

Entry points into an Equinix data center are extremely limited, and visitors can be assured they’re being watched when they go in and out. The building’s exterior is under constant surveillance, from the rooftop to the ground, and an intrusion detection system monitors all points of entry and exit.

To learn more about security at Equinix, check out this video.


Outside NY4


GV2 in Geneva – fencing, cameras, no windows on building to the right