Awards should Shape the Future

Samuel Lee

Clement Goh, Managing Director of South Asia & Thiam Poh Goh, Operation Director, SG & Tamara Yee, Marketing Manager, South Asia
Recognition is always welcome, especially when it comes from respected third-parties or independent industry organizations. However, the real achievement of an award goes far beyond winning it in the first place. It’s a symbol that confirms an organization’s potential and future success.

By that standard, Equinix should have a bright, and above all, a green and sustainable future ahead of it.

Earlier this year Greenpeace announced the findings of its report entitled “Clicking Green: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet.” It analyzed how Internet companies, such as Equinix, are faring, with a particular focus on the deployment of green initiatives and renewable energy to offset the potential environmental impact of running the global Internet.

Equinix is the industry’s largest data center colocation provider with over 100 data centers worldwide. That puts us in a unique position to make positive changes, such as designing and running our facilities in ways that save energy and promote environmental sustainability.

Greenpeace agrees. It’s “Clicking Green” report noted that Equinix is by far the most transparent of the world’s colocation providers when it comes to providing a snapshot of energy demand and the related greenhouse gas footprint, as well as electricity supply mix at a regional level.

The report went on to say that Equinix has demonstrated in several of its newer facilities a range of strategies to improve efficiency or reduce its energy and environmental footprint. By using fuel cells, solar power and building green roofs, for example.

Twice is the charm

Being recognized by a globally respected organization is an excellent achievement. But you need more than one data point before you can call something a trend.

That’s exactly what happened on 30 October 2014 when Equinix was presented with the 2014 Asia Pacific Data Center Green Innovation Leadership Award by the industry analyst Frost & Sullivan.

The award specifically recognized Equinix as a trendsetter, leading the industry in the identification and implementation of green initiatives and meeting strict energy efficiency requirements in all the leading markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Frost & Sullivan award was based on four key criteria: navigational positioning, execution excellence, technological sophistication and the total customer experience. Equinix excels in all of them.

For instance, to reinforce our focus on green initiatives and energy conservation, Equinix has set a target of 1.45 or lower for average PUE. All of our new data centers are designed with this standard in mind, and existing IBX facilities are being upgraded to follow suit in response to customer requests for greener colocation facilities.

Three times is a trend

A week later Equinix repeated the feat, when the DCD Group awarded Equinix the top spot in the Improved Data Center Energy Efficiency category at the DatacenterDynamics Asia Pacific Awards.

The win was based on the Energy Efficiency Project at Equinix’s first Singapore data center – our 14 year-old SG1 facility, which was conducted in response to the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s Green Data Center Innovation Challenge.

The project was aimed at improving resiliency as well as automating and optimizing data center cooling operations. The results have been impressive, including winning Singapore’s SS 564:2010 Green Data Center standard for Energy & Environment Management Systems and the BCA-IDA Green Mark for Data Centers certification.

These figures tell the story: a 35% improvement in energy efficiency and savings of more than US$700,000 per year through reduced electricity bills. In addition, by adopting certified standards, SG1 has a robust and recognized framework on which to drive energy efficiency and achieve continuous annual improvements to the center’s power usage effectiveness, or PUE.

Facing the future

Recognition from organizations is welcome. But it is all the more rewarding when it is given by individuals. That was precisely the case when Equinix won the most recent NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice award in the category of Data Center Hosting/Colocation Services.

On top of this, Equinix was awarded two additional awards in 2014, as it was named ‘Best Data Center Services Provider’ by Telecom Asia and recognized for its data center services at NetworkWorld Asia’s Information Management Awards.

But regardless of where the awards come from, this recognition is a true validation of our teams’ efforts and commitment to provide best-in-class services to our customers and ensure our data centers are on track for even more efficiency improvements in future.

Thiam Poh Goh, Operation Director, SG receiving the award