Equinix heads to AWS re:Invent to Highlight Existing Partnerships, Find New Ones


Equinix is headed back to the massive AWS re:Invent conference next week, where we’ll be talking up our existing AWS partnerships and looking for new ones.

A team of a couple dozen Equinix employees will be among the more than 9,000 people in Las Vegas when the annual conference kicks off Nov. 11. Our people will be camped out at Booth No. 406, handing out datasheets and case studies (via iPad) and ready with information about how Equinix can help companies speed up AWS cloud adoption with a hybrid cloud or IT solution.

The sold-out, four-day event, is the event of the year for the ever-expanding AWS community, and we wouldn’t miss it. Equinix has a long relationship with Amazon Web Services, and just last month, Equinix and AWS announced that AWS Direct Connect is available through Equinix in Germany, so European companies can now bypass the public Internet and make private connections to AWS through our data centers.

A major part of AWS re:Invent for Equinix this year will be an announcement with one of our partners to provide a service that will help ease and accelerate AWS adoption. We can’t give any details yet, but keep an eye on Equinix.com for details after AWS re:Invent gets going.

We can mention a couple Equinix partners we’ll be out front with and supporting that week, including Datapipe, a managed services provider. BesidesDatapipe mixing with Datapipe executives and customers, we’ll be there to live-tweet their speaking session, “Managing an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Architecture with AWS Direct Connect.”

Another Anetapp_featuredWS partner, NetApp, will also be giving a talk (“New Generation Hybrid Cloud Architectures with Suncorp, NetApp and AWS”), and we’ll be tweeting away at that one, as well. NetApp offers a way for companies to store their data on a private NetApp platform, which NetApp deploys at Equinix data centers that host AWS Direct Connect. Companies can then directly link their data to AWS, for tasks including big data analytics, backup, and testing and development.

The private, one-to-one connections to AWS that we offer partners like Datapipe and NetApp are exactly what we offer any other business that deploys at Equinix data centers in the eight global metros that host AWS Direct Connect.

AWS Direct Connect lets companies operate as if AWS is part of their local area network, so there’s full integration between cloud services and their most demanding internal applications, as well as improved performance and lower costs.

If you happen to be headed to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent, stop by our booth and we’ll be happy to talk more about how Equinix and AWS can help your business. If not, watch this space for posts, tweets and other updates to keep you in the loop.

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