Equinix Cloud Exchange gets on board with Google Cloud Platform

Equinix Cloud Exchange gets on board with Google Cloud Platform


Everyone’s interested in public cloud services, but cost remains a persistent worry. We know this because in a recent survey we sponsored, 91% of global businesses said they planned to deploy public cloud services within the next year, even as enterprise CIOs still express concern about the expense of moving variable workloads to the public cloud.

But a new agreement between Equinix and Google might help some CIOs relax a little.

Equinix today announced it will provide direct enterprise access to Google Cloud Platform through the Equinix Cloud Exchange in 15 global markets.

Direct access to Google Cloud Platform means companies can take an uncongested and cost-effective route to the cloud and network services that best meet their needs. This private connectivity to Google Cloud Platform will appeal both to large enterprises and smaller businesses that wish to have predictable and consistent bandwidth to Google cloud services. The Equinix Cloud Exchange can aggregate and manage these enterprise customers and allow companies to benefit from increased predictability of their network traffic to Google. The applications that will benefit most from the ability to directly connect to Google Cloud Platform include both data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications.

The Value of Equinix Cloud Exchange

The Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to connect to multiple clouds simultaneously through a single port. Companies can mix and match services to build the cloud they want, and scale computing power up and down, on demand.

The 15 markets where enterprises can connect to Google Cloud Platform from the Equinix Cloud Exchange span the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, with metros ranging from Hong Kong, to Paris, to Silicon Valley. Connection via the Equinix Cloud Exchange will be provided by Google’s new business connectivity service, Google Cloud Interconnect.

As part of the agreement, Equinix will offer 200MB, 500MB, 1GB and 10GB connection to Google cloud services with full cloud bursting capabilities, meaning applications running in a private cloud can “burst” into the public cloud for computing capacity when demand surges. The connections via Equinix to Google Cloud Platform will be enterprise-grade, with guaranteed bandwidth to Google’s network edge. Enterprise customers can place their private clouds in any of the global Equinix data centers where Google Cloud Platform is accessible, directly link to it, and access the high-performance connections needed to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions. The solution is also built with redundant links, increasing the overall reliability.

There’s a lot of opportunity to be found in that kind of interconnection, and it’s one reason why, in our recent survey, 85% of the more than 650 global enterprise IT leaders who responded said they see strong value in direct connections to public cloud providers. Equinix’s new connection to Google Cloud Platform gives the enterprise another way to learn exactly how strong that value is.

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