The History of Equinix and AWS Direct Connect Is a Quick Trip Around the World


It’s a fun week here at Equinix, where a couple dozen of us are in Las Vegas to hang out with the thousands attending AWS re:Invent. It’s the biggest event of the year for the AWS community, and we’ll here to support our Amazon Web Services partners. We also won’t be shy about explaining how a private connection to the Amazon Cloud through AWS Direct Connect (via Equinix) helps businesses.

We bring plenty of history with AWS Direct Connect into the week. Equinix started offering AWS Direct Connect in North America in 2011, and three years later it’s available through Equinix in eight markets on four continents. The service fits so well with Equinix because we’re all about interconnection – we know it’s critical to success in the digital economy. AWS Direct Connect enhances interconnection by bypassing the Internet and providing customers a direct route to the Amazon cloud.

AWS Direct Connect is now with Equinix in eight metros worldwide, covering more markets than any other data center provider. Here are some milestones on that trip:



August: Equinix announces that AWS Direct Connect is available at our massive campus in Ashburn, Va., just outside of Washington D.C. A Gartner blogger calls the development “an important step in the right direction,” and adds, “Widespread adoption of this model would allow an enterprise to say, get a single rack of network equipment at Equinix … and then cross-connect directly to all of their important cloud suppliers.”



January: AWS Direct Connect hits Asia-Pacific with Equinix, specifically data centers in Tokyo and Singapore. Equinix cloud expert Chris Sharp says that with this ongoing and successful collaboration with Amazon, “Equinix is becoming the de facto ‘cloud hub,’ facilitating direct connections between users and cloud providers.”

November: Equinix and Amazon turn to the south and begin to offer AWS Direct Connect in Sydney, Australia. Eric Hui of Equinix Asia-Pacific says access to multiple networks with a data center is critical to any cloud strategy: “By providing our customers access to carrier-neutral data center facilities, we hope to allow them to fully tap into the value of AWS via the AWS Direct Connect service.”



May:AWS Direct Connect hits the Pacific Northwest when it becomes available in our SE2 and SE3 facilities in Seattle. The move extends the service’s reach with Equinix beyond the northwestern U.S., because SE3 is also a gateway to Asia-Pacific and western Canada.

October: Equinix announces that customers of AWS Direct Connect (in six markets at this point), can now “burst,” or quickly access, up to twice their committed bandwidth access rate when their workloads require it. Sharp says that with the enhancement, Equinix is“further democratizing access to the cloud by giving customers the ability to utilize the bandwidth speed that best suits their needs, while providing additional flexibility to handle spikes without compromising service levels.”



October: AWS Direct Connect becomes available in Germany through Equinix’s Frankfurt data centers. This means European companies can make dedicated data transfers without relying on the Internet or networks outside Europe. AWS Direct Connect is now available in London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Washington D.C.

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