AWS re:Invent 2014 Week in Review

Jane Shurtleff


This week, Equinix joined the more than 13,000 attendees and exhibitors at the AWS re:Invent conference. The energy around our AWS Direct Connect services, and recently announced Hybrid IT solution for AWS with Datapipe, were at an all-time high. All week long we’ve been lighting up the Equinix Twitter feed from the floor with exciting news about this announcement and other activities happening at the conference.

Our new partnership with Datapipe has caught the attention of the industry, with news articles coming in from Data Center Knowledge, ZDNet, Cloud Computing Today, just to name a few. Our joint Hybrid IT solution for AWS is very timely, given that many of the discussions we’ve had with AWS conference attendees were around securely migrating to hybrid cloud infrastructures and the best ways to easily manage them. Needless to say, there was great interest in our Equinix Cloud Exchange and AWS Direct Connect services for providing a fast and easy route to AWS, as well as Datapipe’s solutions for the automated management of AWS deployments.

We were also in great company all week with partners Blue River IT, NetApp and ScienceLogic dropping by to share their views with us on hybrid cloud computing. You can hear what they had to say on our AWS re:Invent 2014 video page.

In his video, Equinix’s senior vice president, Pete Ferris, shares enthusiasm about the energy at the conference, the huge growth of the AWS ecosystem and “being surrounded by many of the companies that are reshaping the industry.”

To that point, ZDnet’s Larry Dignan observed in his article on the conference, “What hits you walking through the vendor booths at AWS’ conference is that the ecosystem has more than doubled in two years.” Dignan is bullish on AWS’s future position in the enterprise hybrid cloud market and noted Equinix’s partnership as a critical element in their success: “AWS has its own hybrid partnerships with the likes of Equinix, NetApp and a bevy of others to land enterprises.”

In his keynote, AWS senior vice president, Andy Jassy positioned the company’s cloud business as the “fastest growing IT company in the world,” pointing to AWS’ over 1 million active customers and ecosystem growth with systems integrators and 1,900 products on AWS’ marketplace.

We’ve lit up AWS in more than 19 of our worldwide IBX data centers and built an extensive cloud IT and interconnection ecosystem of our own, with more than 1,200 cloud/ IT /system integration customers and partners.

Pete Ferris, expressed it best as he reflected on the number of AWS partnerships we have formed over the last three years:

“We (Equinix) will be able to stand up and be counted as one of the early companies that helped build the AWS cloud ecosystem.”

We’re proud of the role we’re playing in the explosive growth of the AWS ecosystem and look forward to continuing to help blaze the trail.

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