Meet The Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, stolen Jennifer Lawrence photos, hacked JP Morgan data. If it seems like we’re just tossing out grabby words, phrases and names to try to draw readers, we are. But it also happens each of them was pulled from content on Equinix Forum. In recent weeks, Forum participants have covered a range of topics, from explaining how they’re helping space agencies better understand natural disasters, to addressing cloud security questions raised by prominent banking and celebrity data hacks.

Check out some of the recent best of Forum below.



Zadara, CloudSigma help European Space Agency study earthquakes, volcanic eruptions

The European Space Agency is trying to better understand earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in order to save lives and prevent property damage, and Zadara and CloudSigma are helping out. In a recent announcement, Zadara said the space agency is using satellite data stored on the Zadara VPSA service in the CloudSigma Zurich cloud in its research.

“We need large amounts of high performance storage, because our data archive is very large and growing,” said Julio Carreira, capacity manager at ESA. “By having our choice of good performance, cost effective storage as well as high-performance SSD storage, all of which is elastic and on-demand, we’re able to quickly and cost effectively deploy our platform.”

To read the announcement, click here.



Carrenza: We’ve harnessed the cloud with new Intershop platform

There was a time when the major challenges to delivering e-commerce environments included difficulty meeting customer demand, functionality that was slow to improve and steep set-up costs. But the cloud has eliminated these problems. In a video, Carrenza says they’ve harnessed the cloud and given a boost to e-commerce by creating an Intershop platform for Intershop customers that’s flexible, on-demand and easy to scale.

“By taking advantage of this, you can reduce your sales cycles, widen your target market, become a trusted adviser and ultimately give your customers a solution they need.”

Watch the video here.



Gartner says partnering is a powerful way for CSPs to get services off the ground

The promise of the cloud is enough to draw a host of new players to the market – data center operators, communications services providers and system integrators among them. But they all face two major challenges: 1) How to deliver a complete solution to enterprises with large or complex requirements; 2) How to bring their services to new or emerging markets. A new report by Gartner has an answer: Find partners with complementary strengths. The report also sees Equinix playing a central role in fostering this partnership web.

“Although it is too early to predict whether such an approach provides sustainable competitive advantage, it has enabled providers to expand their market opportunity and reduce their investment costs for developing and delivering services.”

Click here to access the full report.



FCM360 asks: Is the pubic cloud too public for the foreign exchange markets?

Two high profile attacks by hackers raised concerns about privacy on the Web, though the circumstances of both were vastly different. In one incident, hackers stole terabytes of information from JP Morgan after the company vowed to spend a quarter billion dollars on cyber security. In the other, Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos were stolen from a public account that cost her a few dollars a year. In an article, FCM360 looks at how the cost effectiveness and convenience of cloud computing should be weighed against security concerns, particularly for foreign exchange market participants.

“While public clouds may be the largest providers of data storage, they are really only suitable for non-financial consumers. Their security is questionable and there is little technical support for FX brokers and traders.”

The article is available here.



Global Capacity executive says relying on Ethernet over fiber to get connected isn’t enough

No single network can provide connectivity everywhere, so service providers must take advantage of a wide range of technologies to connect customer locations. Of them, Ethernet over fiber is becoming preferred by business for its reliability and scalability. But Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer at Global Capacity, notes in an article that the problem is that barely 40% of commercial buildings in the U.S are covered by fiber. So companies must explore other access technologies to get connected.

“Leveraging a network marketplace provides service providers with the ability to extend their Ethernet services beyond their network in a transparent, cost-effective and efficient manner.”

The article is available at this link.