A Key to Hong Kong’s Success? Location.

A Key to Hong Kong’s Success? Location.


From trading port to financial centre and now, cloud centre, Hong Kong’s success still depends on combination of entrepreneurial spirit and geographical location

With no natural resources, tiny Hong Kong has always been excellent at turning almost nothing into something everyone wants.

Notice that I said almost nothing. One thing Hong Kong has never lacked is the ability to spot a business opportunity. Add to that a fortunate geographic location – in the middle of bustling Southeast Asia and sitting on the doorstep of the world’s second largest and fastest growing economy, China – and it’s not surprising what the city has become.

Today, Hong Kong is simultaneously Asia’s leading logistics, transportation and financial hub and the natural choice for ICT companies wanting to service clients across Asia.

As a leading regional hub for cloud technology, Hong Kong is the city of choice for cloud service providers (CSPs) breaking into the Asia-Pacific market. It offers exciting local opportunities and great potential as a launch pad for expansion into Mainland China and international markets.

With 3,835 regional headquarters or offices based in the city and thousands of Hong Kong businesses located throughout the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region, Chinese and international CSPs are tapping into Hong Kong’s robust enterprise market for business expansion.

In terms of cloud growth rates globally, Hong Kong also ranks the highest with 77% growth in the IaaS market from 2012 to 2013, according to Synergy Research Group. That is well ahead of North America at 60% and EMEA at 69%.

With the rise of cloud service providers deploying in Hong Kong, as well as the increasing demand for hybrid cloud computing, machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and big data, enterprises need next-generation data centers with highly networked interconnection capabilities to succeed in this new landscape.

Enter Equinix

That’s where Equinix comes in. Our Cloud Exchange platform is designed to do just that: provide enterprises with the ability to connect to multiple clouds, multiple users and multiple networks to fully reap the business benefits of cloud computing.

The Equinix approach has clearly struck a chord with customers. Numbers have continued to grow at over 25% year-over-year across the Asia Pacific and 15% in Hong Kong as local and international CSPs are choosing to deploy with Equinix Hong Kong as an entry point into Asia-Pacific.

International and local cloud service providers are increasingly looking for an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds and multiple networks across the globe. By connecting to Equinix’s Cloud Exchange, these CSPs can rapidly advance their cloud computing agendas, scale their businesses globally and speed-up their time to market.

Three times a charm

Netswitch, Nexusguard and OneAsia are several noteworthy Hong Kong customers that have joined Equinix’s cloud ecosystem while simultaneously leveraging its newly launched Cloud Exchange, a multi-cloud and multi-network solution.

As a global technology solutions provider that specializes in informational security, Netswitch turned to Equinix’s global footprint to expand its presence in the United States and Asia-Pacific. Due to the need for the highest level of data protection for its customers, reliable, secure and high-speed infrastructure is a crucial consideration for Netswitch. And that’s exactly what they are getting.

Another customer example is Nexusguard, an Internet security solutions provider that has deployed with Equinix in both Hong Kong and the United States. As a leader in fighting malicious Internet attacks and protecting its customers from security threats, Nexusguard is reinforcing its security solutions by increasing its points of presence (PoPs) with Equinix. Its goal is to create the world’s most reliable mega-cloud by 2016.

The cloud and disaster recovery solutions and services provider, OneAsia, deployed in Equinix Hong Kong for a variety of reasons. However, the principal one was scale. It wanted to leverage its global presence by connecting to its vast ecosystem of over 4,500 customers, including 450 cloud service providers and 1,000 networks.

Not all cloud data centres are created equal

With its sophisticated high-tech infrastructure, tech-savvy professionals, reliable power supply, and robust enforcement of data privacy and security, Hong Kong offers an excellent location for high-end regional data centres in Asia-Pacific.

Equinix’s four Hong Kong data centers offer enterprises a foothold inside one of world’s most open markets and access to the interconnection crucial to making any business work.