IBM SoftLayer and Equinix Team Up on Easier Route to the Hybrid Cloud


The enterprise is rapidly adopting the cloud, specifically the hybrid cloud. According to Gartner, nearly half of all enterprises will have a hybrid cloud deployed by 2017. It’s impressive growth, but we see plenty of room for more.

That’s because many enterprise CIOs are continuing to hold off on cloud adoption due to security and performance concerns. But a new agreement between Equinix and IBM SoftLayer can alleviate those worries and make the cloud less risky and more accessible to the enterprise.

Starting today, enterprises can access the SoftLayer cloud platform through the Equinix Cloud Exchange. The Cloud Exchange enables companies to make multiple simultaneous connections to the cloud through a single port. Companies can combine services to build the cloud they need, and scale computing power up and down, on demand. They can also provision virtual connections to SoftLayer in various speed increments, and on a monthly basis. That makes access to the cloud both efficient and cost-effective.

And remember these are private connections. They are safe, and they deliver predictable bandwidth to applications running on SoftLayer. We think that has appeal to both large enterprises and smaller businesses, particularly if they’re running applications that deal with massive amounts of data or are latency-sensitive. But no matter what your business, reaching SoftLayer via Equinix Cloud Exchange offers quick access to the cloud in the secure, high-performance environment that CIOs require.

This is not the first time Equinix and SoftLayer have teamed up. We already offer our customers direct connection to SoftLayer through SoftLayer’s Direct Link. By extending our partnership to add dynamic connections through Cloud Exchange, Equinix and SoftLayer allow customers to easily move production workloads in and out of the cloud and better execute their hybrid cloud strategies.

The new connectivity to SoftLayer via the Equinix Cloud Exchange is available in nine global tech and financial centers, ranging from Singapore, to New York, to London. And it comes shortly after we added new features and capabilities to the Cloud Exchange that should make it easier for more cloud providers to offer more services there.

For instance, the exchange is integrated with Equinix Performance Hub, an offering that enables companies to locate their IT infrastructure in any of Equinix’s data centers globally, to get closer to partners and directly link to network and cloud service providers. Other new features include API functionality that enables cloud service providers to use Cloud Exchange on a broader scale and offer their services more easily and efficiently.

At Equinix, we equate interconnection with opportunity, and the robust private connectivity options we’re now offering to SoftLayer significantly increase both. They give the enterprise more ways to make the most of the hybrid cloud.

To learn more about the Equinix/SoftLayer announcement, please click here.