Faster, More Efficient and Cost-Effective Routes to Multi-Cloud Services Now Open

Jane Shurtleff

The public availability of the Equinix Cloud Exchange API and Portal lead to a faster, more efficient and cost-effective cloud delivery route for both the buyers and sellers of cloud services.

The API is the engine within the Equinix Cloud Exchange and delivers the ability to quickly integrate fully automated virtual connection provisioning and orchestration services between cloud services buyers and sellers.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange Portal is a web-based implementation of the Equinix Cloud Exchange API. It is a fast and easy access point for those buyers and sellers who, are either just easing into the cloud services market, or do not have the in-house resources to use our API for developing their own automated multi-cloud connectivity and orchestration.


The Equinix Cloud Exchange API – Faster connectivity and greater cloud service orchestration drive efficiency and scalability

The API’s ability to fully automate multiple virtual connections between buyers’ and sellers’ cloud infrastructures significantly reduces the time to deliver and access cloud services. How big of a reduction is it? Typically, it can take days, weeks or even months to establish a virtual connection to a cloud service. Our API can cut that time down to less than 15 minutes. Virtual connections can be made with multiple cloud services through a single physical port, reducing the amount of manual intervention required that adds connectivity time and costs.

In addition, our worldwide ecosystem of CSPs and NSPs enables close proximity between interconnections, reducing the latency typically experienced with WANs and enabling faster, high-performance connections.

Establishing tighter integration via our API among cloud services buyers, sellers and NSPs not only provides the fastest connections, but also the most efficient and cost-effective. Because the virtual network connections to cloud services are fully automated, the total cost of ownership is less. Once the physical connection is established with the Equinix Cloud Exchange, virtual connections to multiple cloud providers and services can be turned on and off, resulting in rapid provisioning for one-to-many connections and dramatically lower costs than other alternative connection methods. The ability to aggregate both network and cloud services anywhere in the world dramatically reduces overall costs.

Tighter integration between enterprise buyers’ cloud environments, such as our enterprise customers HarperCollins and CDM Smith, and CSPs, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloudsigma, Bluebox, enables greater automation and control of cloud services, resulting in lower management costs. You can dynamically bring cloud services up and down and consistently scale bandwidth capacity on-demand to meet changing workload requirements. In addition, once the cloud connectivity and service orchestration configurations are established, they can be quickly replicated within Equinix Cloud Exchange environments worldwide.

NSPs, such as tw telecom and Level 3, and MSPs, such as Accelera, can also benefit by using automated cloud services orchestration management to provision and manage virtual connections to multiple cloud services for their customers. One of the biggest benefits of the tight integration between network and cloud services through the Equinix Cloud Exchange is that cloud service providers do not have to worry about compatibility testing with every network service to make sure that the connections work ̶ our common interface makes cloud-to-network connectivity fast and seamless.

Large enterprises, network aggregators and MSPs do not have to worry about capacity management because of the large number of CSPs they can choose from within our cloud ecosystem. And the scalability benefits of fully automated connections enable burst loads to be handled more effectively.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange Portal – The fast path to cloud services selling and buying

Think of the Equinix Cloud Exchange Portal like a stock trading web site, only instead of buying and selling blue chip stocks, companies are buying best-in-class cloud services and CSPs are making them accessible as quickly and easily as possible. The portal is a secure, high-throughput environment for connecting to multiple CSPs simultaneously, with all of the automation and orchestration benefits offered by the Equinix Cloud Exchange API.

The portal enables emerging CSPs to expedite the delivery of their cloud services to customers more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also gives companies, who are just dipping their toes into the public cloud marketplace, an opportunity to start small and gradually add more cloud services on-demand.

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