SV1 Has Still Got It, The Pictures Prove It

Our SV1 facility in Silicon Valley remains among the most important data centers Equinix runs, 15 years after it became one of the first.

When this data center opened in April 2000, it was just our third facility. The railroad tracks in front of the building give a clue about why we chose this location. Railroad tracks are where many of the major fiber rights-of-way are located. So when we opened a data center here, we were right off the network carrier routes, making it an easy place for them to come together and exchange traffic.

Today, we have more than 100 networks inside SV1. It was and is one of the most critical Internet exchange points in the world, and a significant portion of the Internet traffic that hums around the left side of the U.S. runs through SV1 and one of its sister facilities, SV8.

Here are 10 cool shots of SV1, which, as you’ll see, is still looking good:

water chillers

cable trays




1889 SV1

4690 final

SV1 cables

People SV1