Run, Don’t Walk, Towards the Hybrid Cloud

Andrew McCreath
Run, Don’t Walk, Towards the Hybrid Cloud


The potential of the hybrid cloud model is almost limitless. Combining flexibility and security (private cloud) with scalability and access (public cloud) greatly reduces access time and latency and crucially, eliminates reliance on consistent internet function. This enables enterprises to empower their employees, simplify IT operations and tighten control on IT spending.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the model is its potential to revolutionise the end user experience. The hybrid cloud can support an increasingly mobile workforce, rapidly increase network performance and give users access to the applications and services they require when and where they need them. In short, it makes doing business, easier, faster and more enjoyable.

The opportunity is clear but CIOs need a well thought through implementation strategy from the outset if they are to maximise the potential of hybrid cloud. One of the most important considerations for any enterprise interested in this model should be whether or not it has the infrastructure in place to support it. Getting infrastructure right holds the key to extracting the value of hybrid cloud through apps, people and innovation. To take advantage of this opportunity, your business needs an architecture that is robust and secure and capable of connecting with a range of network and cloud providers.

This is where The Equinix Performance Hub™ comes in. This solution connects users to both the network and a range of cloud providers, giving them the agility, security and visibility needed to solve IT challenges. With a Performance Hub users can deploy a private cloud in neutral data center locations and connect to a wide range of suppliers, services, and network providers to deliver the highest-quality user experience.

Performance Hubs sit inside Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers and these ecosystems of opportunity enable users to form new interconnections with industry leading business partners, service providers and networks. Equinix is home to the largest volume of most cloud services in the data center industry, Equinix also hosts the worlds the top cloud providers. Our data centers are unique in offering private, direct connections to both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

With your enterprise cloud in an Equinix data center, you can design the ideal future-proofed Business Applications IT infrastructure, incorporating public and private cloud, along with on-site infrastructure, to form the ultimate your businesses hybrid cloud with the highest performance imaginable.

There’s no doubt that hybrid cloud has the potential to revolutionise business operations. However, like any new approach to IT, many CIOs won’t immediately invest in it, preferring to wait and see how early adopters fare before deciding on a course of action. Although this may seem like a sensible option, playing the waiting game can be a risky strategy. Whilst you’re deliberating the pros and cons of hybrid cloud, your business is struggling to cope with the cost of high latency, unreliable internet and a dissatisfied and inefficient workforce. If you want to avoid this risk, and run to hybrid cloud, run to Equinix today.

To find out more about hybrid cloud, read our latest white paper that dispels the myths and misconceptions that prevent organisations from adopting this model.

Andrew McCreath
Andrew McCreath Solution Marketing Senior Principal