The Evolving Networks: Ways to Improve Service and Better Serve the Enterprise

We’re extremely fond of networks at Equinix, because we wouldn’t exist without them. We were founded as a neutral place where they could come and exchange traffic. Today, we host more than 1,000 networks at our 100-plus data centers worldwide, meaning they account for more than 1 in 5 of our 4,500 customers.

We also know network providers are facing a changing and challenging business environment, but we see opportunity for them.

In our first post in this series, we described the dilemma facing network providers today. Essentially, the market is demanding more and more bandwidth but refusing to pay for the needed infrastructure. That leaves network providers struggling to increase efficiency to offset those significant costs.

In our third and final post in this series, we’ll look at specific ways Equinix has been able to help NSPs improve their services and better serve their customers.


Use Case #1: Enterprise Hosting and Point of Presence (PoP) Consolidation

The challenge: A global network operator’s Paris-based data center had reached its capacity, and all its colocation sites failed to meet essential standards for security, uptime, features and services. Its PoPs were so outdated, they couldn’t even host customer visits.

The solution: The network operator moved to an Equinix International Business Exchange ™ (IBX®) data center, which provided a high-performance platform that delivered custom fiber network (CFN) services to the enterprise. The operator consolidated its core PoP/Service nodes for its CFN at Equinix’s PA4 data center in Paris, which lowered costs. Its presence inside a Tier 3+/4 ISO-certified data center created a showcase venue for potential enterprise customers, whom the operator is planning to offer new access to managed IT, cloud and financial services.


Use Case #2: Private Storage, Public Cloud with NetApp

The challenge: A global network operator needed a private and cost-effective disaster recovery solution with access to public cloud resources. It needed to maintain complete control of its data to meet security standards, but it also wanted to maximize network and application performance.

The solution: The operator integrated private storage with public cloud resources through Equinix, our partner NetApp (a cloud data storage company), and other cloud providers. Direct access to the public cloud, rather than connecting over the public Internet, enabled cost-effective and on-demand computing, without sacrificing data control and compliance. And the closer proximity to its cloud resources through NetApp reduced latency and optimized performance, as well as enabled secure application data replication from the customer premise to a NetApp array at the Equinix IBX.


Use Case #3: Managed Services for Enterprise Security

The challenge: The partner company of a multinational firm was hit with multiple Distributed Denial of Services (DDOS) attacks that damaged the company’s brand image and caused revenue losses. The firm wanted a comprehensive network security solution so it could avoid the problems plaguing its partner.

The solution: The firm consolidated all of its unprotected public Internet connections and formed a private, global MPLS network that could be accessed via regional managed security gateways in Equinix IBXs. That improved its security standards, protected its network and ensured regulatory compliance.

The firm integrated its wide area network (WAN) and the Internet, reducing overall infrastructure costs and complexity. It also used predictive analysis to avoid 95% of all potential security issues.