The Equinix Impact: Investing in Digital Opportunity

Sujata Narayan
The Equinix Impact: Investing in Digital Opportunity


As the world becomes more interconnected, we are working through the Equinix Impact Program to help more people benefit from the opportunities the digital economy creates.

This includes providing opportunities for our employees, customers and shareholders to contribute to making our society more healthy and vibrant, both locally and globally.

2014 Equinix Impact Program Grant Recipients

In the fall of 2014, we kicked off our grant-making efforts. Over 400 employees cast their ballots in the first-ever Equinix Impact Grants campaign to help select our first two grant recipients, Camara and Samasource. We have since awarded additional grants to NetHope, The Mission Continues and Paradox Sports, all non-profits that are making meaningful contributions in our funding areas. Each grant of up to $25,000 was awarded to small-to-medium nonprofits that best match Equinix’s Impact goals, and hold the most promise for long-term involvement and impact. Each grant recipient reflects the philanthropy and volunteerism interests and passions of our employees.

How Equinix Impact Drives Digital Opportunity

Digital technology, combined with innovation and hard work create new possibilities across all facets of society. Businesses can connect more closely with their customers. Farmers can more easily find global markets for their crops. Students all over the world can be educated via virtual classrooms. And, conservation organizations can further their efforts to protect the earth and its resources. For these and many other important opportunities to accelerate world-changing business, economic, social and green initiatives, we are dedicated to interconnecting our information-driven world.

As the interconnection platform for the world’s leading organizations, we protect, connect and power the digital economy. By enabling the digital economy to thrive, we are building a powerful foundation upon which we can advance the corporate social responsibility (CSR) pursuits that are the centerpiece of our Equinix Impact Program. These are:

Economic Empowerment

There are many underserved communities that are either not connected, or have not yet realized the Internet’s full potential. We are committed to helping more people benefit from the digital economy by supporting efforts that enable greater connectivity and access to the Internet.

Environmental Stewardship

We seek to be good stewards of the environment and the resources we consume. We support efforts that utilize web-based technology to preserve and enhance the environment for future generations.

Disaster Relief and Resiliency

Immediate relief is of utmost importance during a time of disaster. Our contribution will be to support the full potential of information and communications technology to aid in relief efforts and assist families, communities and businesses as they work to rebuild.

Workforce Development

An educated workforce is essential to business and economic success. We value workforce readiness and are championing programs that prepare individuals for careers in global digital infrastructure.

In future blog articles, I’ll fill you in on more detail about the grant winners and the work that is being done with the grant funds and in-kind contributions from Equinix. We will also continue to ask our employees for their valuable input in selecting future Equinix Impact Grant recipients and areas of CSR focus. Stay tuned for progress reports and milestones as we strive to make the world a better place through the power of interconnection.

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