Shaping the Interconnected Era

Shaping the Interconnected Era

Interconnected Era4

Interconnection: History in the Making
Part 4: Shaping the Interconnected Era

Last week, we wrote about the first three eras of technology transformation within the digital economy. In this, the final blog post of the series, we’ll talk about technologies that are shaping the interconnected era and its major impact on the enterprise of tomorrow.

While the previous three eras of the digital economy enabled systems and people to connect, share and collaborate, the interconnected era brings about a level of participation that exponentially increases innovation and opportunity.

A global digital tsunami

The recent McKinsey report, “Global flows in a digital age: How trade, finance, people, and data connect the world economy,” states that the “global web of economic interconnections between countries and companies” is getting larger and more complex ̶ creating a “torrent of data” traveling around the world.” Between 2005 and 2013, cross-border Internet traffic grew at more than 50% annually. Along with this tsunami-effect of data flow comes increased revenue ̶ the next surge of new global data is expected to increase the revenue from goods, services and finances to an estimated $85 trillion by 2025.

To navigate the massive global data flow – and not get swept away ̶ enterprises must re-architect their businesses and digital infrastructures. Whether they know it or not, every enterprise is on its way to becoming an interconnected enterprise.

The rise of the interconnected enterprise

In the interconnected era, there will be more interconnected enterprises and “knowledge-intensive” industry ecosystems adding to the global flow. In financial services, 51% of customers want “in the moment” communications. In health care, more than 500 million pixels are processed per second. By 2016, 365 million supply chain M2M connections will exist, and by 2018, each employee will have seven connected devices.

For enterprises to enable this “hyper-productivity,” they need to think about where their users are and how they access applications and data. They should consider that their businesses have different points of regional presence and requirements, and how they can better serve globally distributed organizations. Ultimately, they need to move the data and computing to where the users are ̶ pervasively, ubiquitously and on-demand.

We recognize that at its core, the interconnected enterprise is connecting people, locations, clouds and data. It’s joining users and applications across distributed regions with consistent “local” performance. It is tying together distributed locations through physical and virtual network topologies and regional proximity to seamlessly interconnect data centers, server/telco closets, corporate offices, remote branches and home office workers. It’s moving and analyzing data safely and efficiently, placing it at the “edge,” closer to users, cloud services and applications, while meeting local compliance regulations.

Ultimately, for businesses to compete in the digital economy, they need to be in an environment where they can instantly connect to multiple partners, employees and customers through a variety of dense, cost-effective and secure interconnections.

Shaping the interconnected era

Equinix is meeting the interconnection era’s driving demand for interconnection capacity. We are providing the interconnection that is essential for delivering a rich, ubiquitous user experience, while enhancing productivity and enabling new business models and opportunities.

For example, we’re equipping companies to automatically access multiple private, public and hybrid multi-cloud services through the Equinix Cloud Exchange™. We also created the Equinix Performance Hub™, an all-in-one solution that places corporate IT resources in global International Business Exchange ™ (IBX®) data centers near large enterprise, network and cloud ecosystems, to increase network, application and cloud performance.

Equinix began as a fertile place for network and Internet providers to come together to grow the Internet, and it has become the cornerstone of the interconnection solutions and expanded connectivity capacity that the world’s leading brands are leveraging to grow the next phase of the digital economy. And that’s a pretty exciting place to be.

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