Global Solutions Architect of the Month: Tobias Quaranta

Expanding cloud interconnection capacity in New York’s financial center

Tobias Quaranta, a Global Solutions Architect (GSA) in New York City, has been working in IT for 11 years, four of which have been with Equinix. With cloud on every organization’s mind, he helps his customers discover how to leverage various types of clouds and cloud services. He specifically helps global enterprise customers understand how each different type of cloud and cloud service can best match their combination of legacy assets, production workloads and greenfield builds.

Tobias lives with his wife of 12 years, son (6 years-old) and daughter (4 years-old) and his crazy dog. He loves the beach, cooking and spending time kiteboarding/surfing.

tobiasQ: What is the top challenge you are helping your customers solve today?

A: Number one on every enterprise’s list is: “How can I move or connect to the cloud?” What they really want to do is connect their private infrastructure to a public cloud (forming a hybrid cloud) in a direct and secure fashion, lower their overall IT spending, and offer a better external and internal end-user experience. I coordinate with all of the business units’, consider their applications and requirements, then help them to develop a global strategy and roadmap from which they can execute.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about working with Equinix customers?

A: They are so different and they all are great to work with ̶ they want to solve difficult issues and make their businesses better. Some customers are bleeding edge and are the first to volunteer to participate in a beta program or proof of concept in our Solution Validation Centers. While others are slow and steady, making sure that something has been done before. White-boarding sessions with our customers are the best ̶ where the creativity is flowing and we solve a problem that they were unaware they had or could not solve themselves.

Q: Please tell us how your customers are using Equinix services and solutions.

A: Many of our customers come to Equinix to deploy a highly available, global hybrid cloud infrastructure with carrier and cloud services of their choice, or best in breed services for each specific purpose or problem that they are trying to solve. In a world that revolves around a high quality end-user experience, most customers would like to achieve latency that is 10ms away from their global users and less than 3ms from their cloud service providers (CSPs). I show them how we can enable them to achieve those goals.

I also show our customers that we are more than a data center company that provides space and power ̶ we’re an interconnection company that enables opportunities for companies to access a wide range of connectivity solutions and business ecosystems.

Q:What are the highlights of the new NY6 Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center?

A: The new NY6 IBX serves the world’s largest financial, media and enterprise companies, meeting enterprises’ need for larger footprints and data-intensive applications deployed closer to the edge.

NY6 addresses those customers looking for private suites for server farms for large scale computing, storage deployments and private cloud infrastructures. Financial clients add electronic trading-matching engines and proprietary data analytics to the mix. CSPs and managed service providers use the suites for network access nodes for peering, content delivery networks, edge deployment, and/or cloud and content infrastructures. NY6 customers have access to a rich variety of carriers, peering interconnections, the Equinix Cloud Exchange, and a dense ecosystem of enterprise and financial customers.

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