Channel Program Connects Our Trusted Partners With Enterprise Opportunity

Pete Hayes


It’s expensive and complicated for the enterprise to serve heavily concentrated communities of end users. Globalization has dispersed employees and customers, and the enterprise is left trying to smoothly deliver mission-critical applications through the cloud, mobile, and other evolving technologies. They need help, and that can mean opportunity for Equinix’s channel partners.

The newly launched Global Channel Partners Program enables vendors in the cloud and IT infrastructure industry to expand their businesses by reselling and referring Equinix services to a receptive enterprise market.

Our partners include system integrators and service providers – from managed, to network, to cloud services. They can design and deploy the cloud and IT solutions the enterprise needs to reach customers, suppliers and employees. And they’ll be there to help the enterprise execute their strategies and manage their solutions.

Here’s a major advantage Equinix channel partners have: Equinix. Each has access to our unique strengths, including our global footprint and growing ecosystems. They can supply customers with Equinix solutions designed to expand interconnection across geographies and ecosystems – a capability we think is becoming essential for companies to compete on a global scale.

Performance Hub, for instance, allows companies to distribute their IT infrastructure at any of our 100 data centers globally. That allows them to improve application performance by getting closer to their customers, suppliers and employees on the five continents we cover.

Equinix Cloud Exchange is a powerful tool our partners can use to help the enterprise advance their hybrid cloud strategies. The Cloud Exchange delivers direct and simultaneous access to multiple cloud providers from a single port, so the enterprise can use the cloud they need at any given moment.

Channel partners can augment their existing product offerings by adding Performance Hub, Equinix Cloud Exchange and other Equinix offerings to their existing services, creating more value and end-to-end solutions for the enterprise.

Equinix recruited our channel partners from a customer base of nearly 4,800 companies, including 1,000 networks and 500 cloud service providers. And we’re still recruiting sales agents, resellers and referral partners from across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. The demand for channel partners continues to grow at a very fast rate.

The enterprise will remain under constant pressure to keep up with new technology, improve performance and control cost. This is tough, often unfamiliar terrain, and we are building a partner program robust enough to help the enterprise compete.

Our commitment to the Channel Partner Program includes investing in the talent to make it work. We’ve just hired Christopher Rajiah as our new vice president of worldwide channel partners and alliances. Chris most recently led ViaWest’s sales, client services and market organization, and he worked at Rackspace, where he ran worldwide channel sales and global partner programs. He also directed channel sales at Extreme Networks. He’s got the background, drive and industry experience to build out a high-performing global partner ecosystem.

It’s true that technology hasn’t necessarily made things easier for the enterprise. But our partners can. Click the link to learn more about our Channel Partners Program.