Equinix at Work: In Pursuit of the People that Make History

Larry McAlister


At Equinix, we’re driven by our desire to build a historically significant company. This ambition has shaped us into the company we are today, and it guides us into the future. But to build the greatness we seek, we must continue to attract people who share our aspirations.

The people we attract to Equinix are the kinds who want to influence an entire industry through their work. They have a vision that’s sustained by optimism. They’re confident and smart, but not arrogant. They’re innovative thinkers who have the courage to question the status quo and the humility to get on board if the company chooses a path that’s different from the one they’d prefer. They take a positive approach to life and they know how to have fun. They have a passion that can inspire others.

This is an ambitious list, but we’re an ambitious company. At our core, we interconnect the world’s leading businesses to help them realize new opportunities they could not achieve alone. In a digital economy where enterprise business models are increasingly interdependent, secure, reliable and fast access to partners, employees and customers worldwide is critical to achieving business success.

Today, we operate in 33 strategic economic markets on five continents. From London to Los Angeles, Silicon Valley to Singapore, when someone pulls up a video on YouTube or posts to Facebook, there’s a good chance that traffic is moving through Equinix.

But we aren’t just interconnecting businesses for success. We’re interconnecting people. People who are at the tops of their games, and who are looking to be part of something even bigger going forward. For those people, Equinix is where opportunity connects.


Larry McAlister
Larry McAlister Vice President, Global Talent Management