Increasing Clouds over Asia-Pacific

Hisham Muhammad
Increasing Clouds over Asia-Pacific


Having worked with public and hybrid clouds in Asia-Pacific (AP) markets for the last six years, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of expansion within the region. In just the last couple of years, the rate of enterprise cloud consumption in Asia-Pacific has been growing rapidly. Enterprise customers are trying to identify workloads that can be “cloudified,” and most importantly, drive enterprise architecture transformation across multiple regions.

Many transformation strategies are spurred by global expansions, mergers and acquisitions, while others emerge to address a specific set of pain points. However, we see many transformations involving enterprise cloud consumption focused on how to take advantage of cloud-based solutions to address and help mitigate business risks associated with addressing regulatory or corporate compliance issues.

Our AP Global Solutions Architects (GSA) team is constantly in conversation with industry regulators and compliance business units from our customers’ organizations. We actively participate in the development of business solutions, delivered by Equinix’s ecosystems of business partners, that are designed to operate within their country’s and businesses’ regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Building an on-demand infrastructure

Our cloud customers are faced with the challenges associated with building on-demand infrastructures that leverage enterprise-grade, hybrid multi-clouds to address their specific business demands. Enterprises want to consume hybrid multi-clouds. Network services providers (NSPs) want to extend connectivity to their global customer base. And, cloud service providers (CSPs) want to drive consumption for their on-demand infrastructure solutions.

By deploying the Equinix Cloud Exchange platform globally (now in 19 markets), we helped cloud buyers bypass the public Internet to interconnect directly to cloud suppliers through virtualized private and secure connections. This means that through Cloud Exchange, enterprises can now leverage hybrid multi-clouds to deliver enterprise-grade, application-level performance.

Now instead of focusing on security and performance worries, our discussions with customers can center on the types of workloads they plan to move to clouds, how they can transform their new digital supply chain, demarcation strategies for inter-provider SLAs and service chaining, and how they can leverage the better line of sight they now have into their business operations.

Cloud Innovation

There are also a number of innovative solutions being implemented within our Equinix Solution Validation Centers (SVC), where customers can turn proof-of-concepts into production environments. Many customers start with hosting their data in our global data centers on their own private servers and storage, and then spin up virtual machines in multiple clouds. This ensures that they retain a copy of their data in their own infrastructure at all times, but still maintain high-speed, secure access to multiple cloud providers via the Cloud Exchange as a backup.

As these cloud solutions evolve, they have the potential to disrupt a particular industry and drive cloud consumption for both enterprises and service providers. One trend I see is the convergence of cloud and content (ads, mobile applications, videos) between wireline and wireless networks, which creates a global analytics or big data platform for business intelligence data. When you have the ability to scale overnight and churn out stats and figures to make real-time business decisions as data comes in from mobile devices or sensors in cars, live flight engine analytics, etc. – you suddenly have an intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

The IoT exists today, but its implementations are mostly fragmented because the capabilities to make it happen lie within multiple solution, network and cloud providers. This is where the power of having the right mix of ecosystems, interconnections and proximity creates the opportunity for a company to make game changing moves. And we’re seeing these innovations taking place globally in Equinix.


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Hisham Muhammad
Hisham Muhammad Director, Global Solutions Architect, Asia Pacific