Equinix announces CL9, the first data center literally built in the clouds

Phil Schwarzmann
Equinix announces CL9, the first data center literally built in the clouds

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Equinix is truly the home of the interconnected cloud, and to literally demonstrate that, today we’ve opened CL9, our first cloud-based data center. The data center sits in a cumulus cloud over London, a city known for its cloud density.

“Customers come to Equinix for direct, secure connections to the cloud. What’s more direct than being inside an actual cloud?” said VP of Global Enterprise Tony Bishop.

Construction on the $100 million first phase of CL9 began in January 2014 and relied on an intricate system of ropes, pulleys, catapults, rain dances, helicopters, and helium-injected concrete and steel.

“We don’t actually need a cloud to stay sky-borne, but marketing insists we stay in a cloud,” said site manager Thomas Dampier. “If this first cloud data center is a success, I see us expanding over Seattle as well.”

The CL9 staff was selected from an international group of Equinix employees who have no interests outside of work and aren’t afraid of heights.

“Parking is tough, the local lunch options aren’t super diverse, and there was widespread altitude sickness the first couple days,” said CL9 sales engineer Julia Price. “But we’ve all acclimated and we’re excited to be part of something so groundbreaking.”

CL9 will be fully powered by solar energy and floating wind turbines, will heavily utilize free-air cooling, and will be 100% LEED Silver Lining compliant.

The opening of CL9 comes two years to the day after Equinix announced that it will build the first data center on the moon. One year ago today, the Interconnections blog first announced that Equinix has completed Phase I of a new faster than light communications network that connects New York to London through the Earth’s core.

The official opening of CL9 is scheduled for Sept. 31 and will feature pop sensation Sky Ferreira alongside French electronic duo Air. Guests will be transferred to and from the data center via zeppelin or a set of staircases we’re calling our “Stairway to Heaven.”

Although this is an April Fool’s blog entry, Equinix really is the home of the interconnected cloud. We host 500+ earth-bound cloud providers and Equinix Cloud Exchange, which allows customers to connect to multiple cloud providers simultaneously through a single port, for unmatched cloud flexibility and agility. Equinix’s global portfolio of over 100 colocation facilities has also attracted critical masses of enterprises and cloud, content, financial services, network and mobile providers, to enable the dense interconnection that leads to business opportunity and growth.

To learn more about Equinix, watch this short video.

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