Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Adoption through Hybrid IT


We’ve all seen how public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable quick access to applications, rapidly scale to meet demand, and lower CAPEX and OPEX costs. However, at this year’s AWS Summit 2015 in San Francisco, we’re also mindful that public cloud usage is still often only used with non-mission-critical applications and workloads. This is because enterprises are struggling with concerns about insecure connections, inconsistent quality of experience (QoE), and the lack of cloud migration expertise available to help determine what to deploy to the public cloud and what to keep private.

As a result, more and more enterprises are choosing to deploy “hybrid IT” to maximize their application performance while achieving a balance between the security and reliability of the private cloud and the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud.

Equinix has teamed up with Datapipe and ScienceLogic to create a hybrid IT and monitoring solution for AWS to accelerate enterprise adoption of cloud services. The combined solution, deployed in multiple Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers worldwide, allows organizations to use the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ advanced cloud interconnection platform, Datapipe Managed Services for AWS and ScienceLogic CloudMapper to monitor on-premise and off-premise resources for greater visibility and control of hybrid IT environments.

It takes fast, secure and reliable interconnection to make hybrid IT work

The Equinix Cloud Exchange automatically interconnects private cloud infrastructures on demand to multiple public cloud services, such as AWS, using low-latency, high-bandwidth virtual connections via a single port. These direct connections go through a hybrid IT infrastructure managed by Datapipe, avoiding the public Internet and ensuring secure access of sensitive customer data. At the same time, provides visibility into the cross-technology dependencies across complex infrastructures meaning you never lose sight of the true causes of an IT issue.


Equinix, Datapipe and ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Solution


What’s happening inside hybrid IT

We see businesses deploying hybrid IT to leverage the high-performance and proximity benefits of private cloud and on-premise data centers, as well as to capitalize upon the scalability and flexibility of the AWS cloud. Use cases include compliance, complex database environments and cloud disaster recovery. Ultimately, by accessing multiple cloud providers via the Cloud Exchange and leveraging Datapipe’s managed services and ScienceLogic’s integrated monitoring solution, enterprises can achieve improved performance, security, management and cost-control of their entire IT infrastructure, regardless of where it resides.

The combined solution also enables Equinix’s managed service provider (MSP) partners to better capitalize on the public cloud opportunity.

The cloud through a single pane of glass

We created the joint Datapipe-ScienceLogic solution to help enterprises accelerate their migrations to hybrid IT by giving them visibility through a single pane of glass into the entire hybrid IT infrastructure – whether on-premise or in the cloud.. The feedback we’re getting from our partners indicates that they’re seeing strong business benefits and delivering a better user experience because of these new capabilities:

Dave Link, CEO, ScienceLogic:

“Fortune 500 organizations and large MSPs migrate to hybrid infrastructures to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies of the public cloud. Our partnership with Equinix and Datapipe is accelerating cloud migration among enterprise customers and MSPs as they assist in that migration.”

John Landy, CTO, Datapipe:

“We see leveraging Equinix’s hybrid cloud interconnection platform and ScienceLogic’s monitoring software, along with our leading managed services for hybrid IT, as the best path towards ensuring the visibility, control and management of enterprise-class workloads and applications deployed across multiple cloud environments.”

Learn more about how Equinix, Datapipe and ScienceLogic can accelerate migration to hybrid IT

ScienceLogic will be at the AWS Summit 2015 San Francisco in booth #429.