Working with AWS and NetApp, Equinix simplifies hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises


Since 2012, NetApp and Equinix have been enabling enterprise customers to retain complete control over their data while using scalable compute resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) within hybrid cloud infrastructures. Together, these three industry leaders have allowed enterprises to accelerate their hybrid cloud deployments by combining public cloud flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness with the performance, security and control of private storage and data management. Enterprise customers are increasingly turning to this hybrid model to obtain these benefits which they cannot achieve from the public cloud alone. However, moving data and workloads between private and on-premise infrastructures often involves disparate tools and technologies – making this a challenge.

With the AWS Summit 2015 in San Francisco upon us, we are showcasing how we are working together to make this even easier. Through our Professional Services group, Equinix is now offering cloud consulting services that make it simpler, faster and more cost-effective for customers to realize the benefits of using the AWS cloud from within Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers. Earlier this year, Equinix acquired Nimbo, a company with extensive experience moving legacy applications to hybrid architectures and connecting legacy data centers to the cloud. Equinix consulting services will build on the success of the NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services (NPS for AWS), and industry-standard networking, such as Cisco CSR, to enable customers to efficiently synchronize -data between their on-premise, private co-located and public cloud storage through AWS Direct Connect.

To demonstrate one of the ways in which we are helping companies migrate to a hybrid cloud model, Equinix has set up an AWS Test Drive that combines NetApp Cloud ONTAP with networking technologies using CloudFormation to automate the deployment of this commonly used on-premise configuration in the AWS cloud. This deployment will also work seamlessly with on-premise NetApp infrastructure and colocation-based NetApp infrastructure inside Equinix, enabling companies to easily move data back and forth between private, colocation and public cloud, on demand. For these scenarios, connectivity matters, and private, direct connection within Equinix will help ensure optimal performance. If you are attending the AWS San Francisco Summit make sure to attend the NetApp breakout at 2:00 p.m. today, April 9, to see a demonstration.

Bruce Burns, vice president, Cloud Business Group, NetApp, commented on the relationship, saying, “The positive results our customers have seen from interconnecting private NetApp storage to AWS and other public cloud services through Platform Equinix demonstrates that enterprises can more confidently explore hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to handle large, complex workflows efficiently and cost-effectively, while mitigating performance, compliance and reliability concerns.”

In addition to the success experienced with NetApp Private Storage, Equinix has seen tremendous enterprise adoption of AWS Direct Connect since the company announced its availability in select IBX data centers in 2011. In 2014 alone, Equinix experienced a 90 percent increase in the number of enterprise connections to AWS. Customers such as FourSquare, McGraw-Hill and others have experienced the benefits of securely connecting to AWS to ensure the performance and availability of mission-critical applications and workloads.

To learn more about this collaboration, visit NetApp and Equinix at the AWS Summit 2015 San Francisco in booths #721 and #810, respectively.