Global Solutions Architect of the Month: Luke Harrison

Global Solutions Architect of the Month: Luke Harrison


Helping our customers bring disruptive innovations to market

Each month we feature the work of one of our Global Solutions Architects (GSA). This month we’re profiling Luke Harrison from beautiful Oxfordshire, England, where he lives with his wife and two very active children (ages 9 and 16). Luke’s endearing passion for music production, technology, artistic and creative development has been integral to him mentoring music writers, producers and engineers, as well as engineers who aspire to be architects, and cultivating innovation, fun and possibilities that, hopefully, will echo into future generations to come.

Luke’s career in the IT business spans 17 years, including more than two years with Equinix. His diverse background includes developing pay-per-view billing systems, bringing the first and most advanced computer telephony integrated platform to market and supporting the largest government-based desktop-as-a-service deployment. He has also built a solution-selling program around load and performance testing services, designed and built industry-leading platforms and managed services for leading hosting and managed service providers (MSPs), such as BBC iPlayer/TVPlayer.

Luke has seen companies work through the transformative process of moving the entire organization from current to future state. He says that each experience he has had working with small to large companies has given him great insight into what job needs to be done, how to get it done, and the value in doing it.

luke-harrison-200pxQ: What are the top challenges that you are helping your customers solve today?

A: Most of our customers are looking at different services such as the Internet, cloud and mobile in the context of gaining greater scalability, performance, security, agility and cost efficiencies, as well as the economics of locating these core services in close proximity to a specific MSP chain.

We spend a lot of time and energy working with MSPs to bring new and sometimes disruptive services to market using a myriad of analysis tools. We are packaging up these new “programs of innovation” within the Equinix Solution Validation Center (SVC), which is a proof-of-concept environment that validates new platforms, applications, hybrid operational models and enables more competitive services to be created, executed and verified, then brought to market.

We also host a significant number of Internet, network, cloud and managed service providers globally. Given this, at the top of our mind is supporting customers with their hybrid cloud enablement strategies using the Equinix Cloud Exchange solution to seamless interconnect their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Q: Is there a specific customer you can tell us about that demonstrates innovation and a great use of Equinix services and solutions?

A: We have great relationships with all of our customers ̶ helping them deploy successful current and future strategies is what underpins Equinix’s success. But if I had to choose one to focus on, it would be ScienceLogic ̶ they have many angles to their innovation and use of Equinix services that should be shared. ScienceLogic started its journey with Equinix within the SVC to deliver the system metrics that help quantify the customer’s performance and success criteria, which is being rolled out to 22 SVC sites globally. We are now moving the needle with Sciencelogic to bring Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) over the Cloud Exchange, which delivers an arsenal of hybrid system and service monitoring tools and dashboards to all our customers, along with instantaneous virtual connection provisioning to multiple clouds.

Q: With LD6 opening this month, can you tell us about the significance of this new data center?

A: LD6 can immediately supplement the markets’ and customers’ needs currently being addressed by LD4 and LD5, plus much more. It presents a natural evolution of colocation and interconnection services for existing and future customers with significant interest in financial, network, Internet, mobile, cloud and managed services.

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