Equinix at Work: Global Mobility and the Path to Growth and Opportunity

Larry McAlister


As businesses become increasingly global, it’s imperative that employees who want to advance their careers think about becoming more global, too.

In its most recent Global Mobility Effectiveness survey, Ernst & Young reported 58% of respondents have a global talent management agenda, up 7% from the previous year. And PWC predicts a 50% growth in the average number of mobile employees in large organizations between 2009 and 2020.

As those numbers rise, it’s going to be difficult to find executives without global experience. For the broader workforce, a resume that includes expertise in international languages, cultures and countries is a surefire way to increase upward mobility. At Equinix, we can help you build that part of your resume.

Equinix’s Global Mobility Program strategically moves employees to different outposts around the world, and with more than 100 data centers in 33 major economic centers in 15 countries, we’re well positioned to give employees the global experience they seek. Our program has been around for years, but now we’re placing new emphasis on it as we expand our global footprint and worldwide interconnection leadership.

Our Global Mobility Program allows us to do a number of important things:

  • Transfer skills, best practices and our company culture globally
  • Create an agile workforce, promoting business growth in markets everywhere
  • Reinforce the global connections and systems that create economies of scale
  • Attract, develop and retain top talent

We’ve found that our employees return from assignments with more than just unforgettable experiences. They’ve learned new skills that they can transfer between offices. They’ve proven they know how to adapt, develop and grow the organization in different structures and settings. They better understand the challenges of operating in another location, and they can make decisions based on that more universal view.

In general, opportunities at work get a lot bigger, and go deeper, when people look past the edge of their desks. It may be time to take that look.


Larry McAlister
Larry McAlister Former Vice President, Global Talent Management