Looking for an Edge and Finding It with Equinix and Microsoft


15,000 tech leaders are currently in Chicago for Microsoft Ignite, a conference Microsoft says is for “big thinkers looking for an edge.” Equinix will be there at booth 303, and while it’s true that we’re always looking for an edge, we also team up with Azure ExpressRoute to deliver one. Specifically, Equinix offers direct, secure, high-performance access to the Azure cloud.

Equinix was one of the first ExpressRoute partners, and we now offer it in 16 markets globally through the Equinix Cloud Exchange. Just a few weeks ago, we announced that Equinix has been selected as one of the early partners in Microsoft’s initiative to offer private, managed Azure ExpressRoute connections to Office 365. So we have a lot to talk about at our booth at Ignite:

  • Secure, high-performance cloud interconnection for the enterprise: Concerns about security, compliance and control are slowingenterprise migration to the cloud. Many companies just aren’t ready to head to the cloud for anything other than ad hoc projects or simple test and development initiatives. But ExpressRoute to Azure via the Equinix Cloud Exchange allows businesses to connect to Azure with direct, compliant connections. By linking to our 500-plus cloud service providers, companies can efficiently move workloads between private and public clouds with enterprise-grade connections. And the Equinix hybrid cloud partner ecosystem brings consulting, managing, hosting, colocation, public cloud, storage and other component solutions together to create the right environment to access Azure securely and privately.
  • Key use cases unlocked with the Equinix and ExpressRoute hybrid environment: The partnership between Equinix and Microsoft enables a dense interconnection that expands possibilities for organizations.

o Disaster recovery – Replicate on-premise, business-critical data inside Equinix over a secure, private connection. Quickly bring workloads into the Azure environment over low-latency Cloud Exchange connections if your primary environment fails.

o Hybrid cloud elasticity – Prepare for data traffic spikes, planned and unplanned, by using public cloud computing resources as needed and paying only for what’s consumed.

o Control sensitive data -Secure data in a colocated private cloud and access it over a low-latency, high-performance, private network. Keep private compute, storage content and data separate, yet run them together in a symbiotic and policy-compliant infrastructure.

o Control the network – Create what’s essentially a reliable, cost-effective private content delivery network by peering with data centers located close to customers.

o Control applications (1) – Colocate database clusters in an Equinix data center and access them securely at any time via the cloud.

o Control applications (2) – Distribute multiple tiers within an application between public and private environments. Legacy applications and middleware tiers remain in the private environment, while the scalable tier is run in Azure.

In addition to what we’ll be discussing at our booth, Shane Guthrie, our senior manager of Equinix global solution architecture innovation, will wrap up Ignite with a presentation: “Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise – Create a Fast Lane to the Cloud with Equinix and Azure ExpressRoute.”

On Monday, May 5 at noon in Lounge D, Shane will talk about how the Equinix and Microsoft partnership delivers top performance, security and reliability, especially for productivity applications like Office 365. He’ll discuss why Equinix enterprise customers are embracing ExpressRoute as the foundation of their multi-cloud infrastructure, and how that’s driving their hybrid cloud workload deployment into Azure. And he’ll detail how multinational companies like HarperCollins and CDM Smith are exploiting Equinix and Microsoft Azure for competitive advantage.

That’s just a teaser. Hope to see you at Ignite. If you can’t make it to the show, take some time to learn more about Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Equinix.