10 Reasons to take the Azure ExpressRoute to Office 365 with Equinix

Jim Poole


According to Microsoft, 1 in 4 of its enterprise customers is using Office 365 and over 80% are on the Microsoft cloud, with 1,000 new customers joining Azure every day. Direct interconnection to Office 365 and Azure via Azure ExpressRoute within Equinix data centers enables companies to avoid the risks of the public Internet and benefit from predictable network performance and greater security, availability and reliability.

Here are 10 reasons why you should map out your Office 365 and Azure strategy with Equinix:

  1. A direct path
    Bandwidth and latency-sensitive applications, such as Office 365, benefit from a direct access solution by achieving predictable low-latency and high-bandwidth network performance.
  1. Secure passage
    By avoiding the public Internet, Equinix direct connections provide additional security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive business data and information is safely moving from one place to the next.
  1. A global express route
    Equinix was one of the first Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partners, and today we offer ExpressRoute’s direct connection to the Azure public cloud in 15 markets globally via the Equinix Cloud Exchange. Direct and secure access to Office 365 will be available via Microsoft Azure in all of these markets, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Osaka, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington, D.C.
  1. Multiple fast lanes
    Accessing Azure ExpressRoute through Equinix enables you to configure Equinix Cloud Exchange virtual connections in a scalable range, including 200M, 500M, or 1G virtual connections over 1G/10G ports. Equinix direct connection services and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute allow for easier integration of your cloud services and your internal applications, enabling you to treat multiple Microsoft Azure instances as part of your data center local area network (LAN).
  1. Automated onramps
    Equinix Cloud Exchange enables fast, virtual connectivity provisioning to multiple cloud services, including Office 365 and Azure. Seamless, automated provisioning, using the Cloud Exchange’s integrated API or portal, enables you to set up virtual connectivity and Azure services in near real time.
  1. Greater manageability and control
    Equinix Cloud Exchange dynamically manages and allocates bandwidth, allowing specific applications to get the priority they need to deliver the performance required – across a single port. Equinix private access enables Microsoft Azure to deliver the unique capabilities of hybrid cloud, including application services, production and identity management, data and backup and recovery services, and infrastructure services, such as virtual networks and traffic management.
  1. Reliable handling
    Redundant and diverse interconnectivity paths to and from the Microsoft Azure cloud provide true reliability. The Cloud Exchange enables enterprises to connect to multiple networks and cloud services, allowing for mission-critical business applications, such as Office 365 messaging and collaboration, to be highly available via redundant networks and/or Azure instances.
  1. Consistent performance
    Equinix Cloud Exchange provides a secure path for accessing cloud resources with very high throughput and consistency. In fact, tests run in Equinix Solution Validation Centers™ show increased throughput of 147% when connecting directly to the cloud, as compared to using public Internet connections.
  1. Fast, easy and cost-effective access
    Enterprises can use their existing MPLS or wide area network (WAN) infrastructure to get high-speed, LAN-like access to Azure. ExpressRoute connections within Equinix data centers that transfer data between on-premises IT environments and Azure can also yield significant cost benefits.
  1. An exceptional experience
    High speed, secure access to Office 365 and Azure removes the barriers of the public Internet by reducing latency to single digits (<10 milliseconds worldwide average latency) and eliminating security risks, thus ensuring a better end-user experience.


Jim Poole
Jim Poole Vice President, Business Development, Equinix, Inc.