Professional Services that Transform Cloud and Data Center IT

Matt Tuttle


Today’s enterprises are being bombarded with disruptive technologies from all sides ̶ cloud computing, mobile, Internet of Things, big data, just to name a few. At the same time, businesses are under tremendous pressure to bring solutions to market faster, at lower cost and with far fewer resources.

Helping companies navigate the transformation and/or optimization of their data centers and best integrate emerging technologies into their IT mix can require a specialized skill set of professional services. These services must provide alternative solutions to building out on-premise infrastructures and complement any in-house and managed service resources that are already in place.

Our worldwide Equinix Professional Services organization works with the companies within our Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers to develop their data center and interconnection strategies. It shows them how they can get to where they want to go.

Clouds, Networks and Data Centers

Many of the businesses we work with are looking for an integrated approach for optimizing legacy IT infrastructures and leveraging new architectures and technologies. We help them identify and define new ways to take advantage of available technologies and Platform Equinix for maximum growth and revenue potential in the following areas:

1. Hybrid Cloud Design and Implementation

Our recent acquisition of Nimbo – a leading U.S.-based enterprise cloud solutions provider (CSP) and certified partner with AWS and Microsoft Azure. This enables us to provide our customers with flexible cloud solutions using the industry’s leading providers. In addition, Equinix provides thought and technology leadership with the launch of the Equinix Cloud Exchange, that enables enterprises and service providers to easily connect and consume multiple cloud services through a secure and scalable connection.

Equinix is also the home of the interconnected cloud, with more than 500 CSPs, we provide access to a wide range of private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures that best meet enterprise workload and application requirements. As more and more enterprises migrate their IT to the cloud or colocation facilities like Equinix, they are seeing that a hybrid cloud architecture is the best way to go, and we’re helping them get there.

In the future, we will be expanding our hybrid cloud assessment, migration, optimization and disaster recovery/business continuity service offerings to other cloud offerings, such as Google Cloud Platform, Softlayer and VMware vCloud Air.

2. Network Design, Analysis and Optimization

We operate some of the most network dense sites around the world that act as key peering points for the Internet. These network-neutral facilities include more than 1,000 network providers globally. By leveraging our sites, enteprises and service providers have re-designed their networks using our Performance Hubs to save costs up to 30-40% and improve performance with the best possible network routes. We help enterprises and service providers through their most complex network transformations. Redesigning and expanding global network reach, deploying Internet exchange services, establishing peering points with partners and connecting to cloud service providers are some of the many ways that enterprises and service providers can utilize professional services to upgrade their interconnection infrastructures and take proactive steps toward IT transformation.

3. Data Center Strategy, Architecture and Consolidation

Working with our professional services team, and its more than 700 IT services and system integrator partners, enterprises can take advantage of one-stop shopping for their data center architecture, consolidation and migration plans. For example, we can help optimize colocation data center spending to increase application performance, cost-containment or proximity to key partners.

A more strategic global approach

With more than 100 global IBX data centers and 4,750 customers, we’ve developed innovative regional partnering ecosystems to support our customers. By encompassing multiple strategic, specialized services companies, our partner consulting ecosystem can meet the specific requirements for enterprise data center IT and interconnection worldwide.

Innovation is never going to stand still. That means enterprises need to be quicker on their feet to compete. Adding Equinix’s professional consulting expertise to your team will empower you to make your IT transformation a success.

Matt Tuttle
Matt Tuttle Vice President, World-Wide Professional Services