Forrester Recognizes Equinix Marketplace as a B2B Sales Enablement Platform For Service Providers

Kirk Felbinger


With the emergence of the multi-cloud and the increasing use of multiple networks, the hybrid data center has arrived for the enterprise. Unlike traditional data centers that offer space, cooling and power, hybrid data centers offer interconnection to public clouds and a host of new technology services that are designed to help enterprises accelerate business performance and tap new opportunities for growth.

In its April, 2015 report: “Brief: Service Marketplaces Create a Hub For Your Hybrid Ecosystem,” Forrester Research, Inc. analyst Sophia Vargas takes a close look at these dynamics and explores how data center marketplaces, such as we have innovated with Equinix Marketplace™, are empowering customers and shaking up traditional sales channels.

According to Forrester, marketplaces are allowing buyers to browse and investigate services on demand, establishing customer driven B2B channels where “Open data center marketplaces now bring together a broader ecosystem of players and provide yet another alternative to traditional sales channels – this time directed by the customer.”

Forrester identifies how the Equinix Marketplace™ “has begun to demonstrate the true potential of carrier-neutral data center services.” The report cites four current tools and features from Equinix Marketplace that provide sales enablement, generate highly qualified leads, and enable business development via back-end analytics.

1) A storefront maturity assessment to improve a business’ reach and conversion of its company’s profile within the Marketplace.

2) Matchmaker, which identifies interconnection and colocation expansion opportunities based upon current customers, and is updated dynamically and powered by big data and predictive analytics.

3) Business Analytics to investigate trends within a company’s business and operations, based upon customer demographic and behavioral data.

4) App exchange, an innovative approach to host proprietary and partner applications to service business decisions and provide ecosystem analysis.

An in-depth look at each tool and feature can be found by registering for the Equinix Marketplace.

The Marketplace offers over 3,800 searchable providers, which can be queried by location, service, or any combination. It tells you not only where the vendors are located, but also how you can connect with them in any of our more than 100 Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) locations worldwide.

In the report, Forrester offers several recommendations for selecting the right colocation vendor for enabling hybrid ecosystems. With the ideal scenario of choosing a partner that can grow with your business needs, Forrester recommends methods such as a defined cloud road map, focus on strategic competencies, and where to balance flexibility vs. lock-in with vendors.

As Forrester notes, there are major advantages to utilizing a marketplace to connect directly to technology service vendors, mainly “self-service.” How we buy and consume technology services is changing, with marketplaces illustrating a radical departure from the norm, however, Forrester believes “they are here to stay.”

Creating the Equinix Marketplace for all our customers to conduct business within tightly aligned ecosystems is part of Equinix’s track record of enabling and enhancing interconnection for enterprises worldwide. In a hybrid world, we allow our customers to expand choice, maximize connectivity and accelerate growth.

Download: “Brief: Service Marketplaces Create a Hub For Your Hybrid Ecosystem”

Register: Equinix Marketplace.






Kirk Felbinger
Kirk Felbinger Senior Director, Global Product Management, Development and Digital Experience