Bringing Cloud Migration and WAN Optimization to the Financial Services Hub

Bringing Cloud Migration and WAN Optimization to the Financial Services Hub

bob-gobanEach month, we profile a Global Solutions Architect (GSA) and highlight his/her work with our enterprise customers. As part of our focus on the Big Five data center openings, our GSA profile is on Bob Goban and NY6, the newest International Business Exchange™ IBX® in New York’s financial center.

Bob has over 20 years of experience in network architecture, engineering, implementation and operations. Before coming to Equinix as a GSA for the Americas East, he was a director of network engineering and operations at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where he was responsible for various infrastructure projects that supported both the AMEX and NYSE capital markets in lower Manhattan. Bob has four grown children and lives in East Patchogue, Long Island. He is an avid racquetball player and also enjoys playing guitar, motorcycling and sailing.

Q; What are some key financial services projects that you have worked on?

A: In the post 9/11 era, I was responsible for the design, development and deployment of the underlying network infrastructure for the Secure Financial Trading Infrastructure, providing a high- performance secure access network to customers and participants in the equities capital markets. I helped customers develop and implement migration strategies into data centers run by the NYSE and into colocation facilities such as Equinix.

Q: What are the top challenges you help customers solve?

A: Hybrid and multi-cloud adoption is first. By working with NSPs (network service providers) and CSPs (cloud service providers) in the local New York market, we are helping Equinix create and facilitate demand for multiple IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers and facilitating enterprise migration to the cloud.

Second comes WAN optimization and helping customers develop a WAN strategy utilizing Equinix Performance Hub, which enables them to consume and distribute IT services (e.g., WAN, MAN, cloud) anywhere on our global platform, while delivering a consistent user experience. Performance Hub empowers enterprise IT to quickly go to market and respond to ever-changing business demands at cloud velocity.

Q: Can you tell us about your work with financial services companies?

A: Financial services firms, typically in the capital markets space, are very savvy when it comes to consuming network services and demand the utmost in security and reliability from their vendors. I help customers take a holistic view of their existing network infrastructure and ascertain its current state from a cost and performance perspective. By dissecting the network we can reach a performance and cost baseline that helps the enterprise develop a road map towards a flexible next generation IT infrastructure, while remaining responsive to business needs and control costs. I develop detailed plans with my customers around moving key applications or systems to private or hybrid cloud environments or optimizing the WAN to improve performance and reduce spend.

Q; How will NY6 benefit businesses in the New York area?

A: NY6 brings a wholesale, high-capacity offering to the local market with multiple options. Equinix has lots of customers with mid-sized footprints running high-performance, low-latency trading applications in a secure environment with close proximity to many trading venues in multiple asset classes. This environment, while an excellent choice for financial services companies, comes at a premium to enterprises that are just looking for a connectivity-rich colocation environment. For enterprises, the market dynamic is different ̶ content and cloud service consumers don’t need large footprints to consume services. At the same time, service providers do need the capacity and they need their services to be close to the user community. NY6’s “Business Suite” approach accommodates all of these different requirements.