The New NY6: Filling the Gap Created by Growth

Tim Glatz


Growth is what businesses hope for, but when it comes to what some expanding businesses need from their data centers, growth can sometimes create a gap. On one hand, those customers may still want the support services a retail provider like Equinix offers, so they can focus on their applications and data. But they might also need the larger spaces that are usually only available from a wholesale provider. Equinix fills that gap with our new NY6 facility and its business suite offerings.

NY6 in Secaucus, N.J., is just the second Equinix data center in the U.S. that offers business suites, after DC10 in the Washington area. Each suite can fit the equivalent of 60 typical customer cabinets, and there’s flexibility to go bigger by using more than one suite. And the suites all come with the power backup, extensive security measures and other services available to every Equinix customer.

Here’s a more detailed look at how Equinix business suites and NY6 step into the data center gap that can develop with growth:

Space to grow. The first phase of NY6 includes capacity for a range of business suite sizes, from a dozen 300 kilo-volt ampere (kVA) suites to two 1,800 kVA suites. All we need to do to create suites of different sizes is remove or add partitions between them. Let’s say the typical cabinet draws 5 kVA of power. That means one of our 300 kVA suites will accommodate a 60 cabinet footprint, and customers can scale to another suite if they need more space – perhaps to house more computing power or data for storage and compliance purposes. There is room to operate and room to grow, and we think the facility will draw a variety of industries that have a substantial and increasing need for bandwidth.

In control. The business suites are separated from each other by a hard wall, and customers access their suites through their own doors. That privacy and control over the space is a real advantage. Another benefit to having IT in a contiguous area is the cost savings by eliminating the need to wire the disparate footprints together. A business suite also offers a planning advantage for companies who know they are going to grow. They can buy the space up front and ramp up their deployment in the suite as the business requires.

Love the neighborhood. Being with Equinix means access to a host of service providers, including the scores of networks and hundreds of cloud providers available in New York. Equinix facilities also include round-the-clock security, access to technical support services, and the proven reliability that’s produced a 99.9999% global average uptime record. And NY6 is unique because it’s located near the Secaucus data centers at the heart of our leading financial services ecosystem. Pretty much every player in New York’s financial markets – the traders, the exchanges, the information sources, the analytics firms – is hooked into that ecosystem. The business suites should prove appealing to financial services companies who want to access or significantly expand the interconnection we offer in New York.

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Tim Glatz
Tim Glatz Product Manager - Global Colocation