Meet the Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

Will Speck

Shifting data protection requirements, failing connectivity strategies and the steep cost of disaster recovery: All these problems were recently tackled by Equinix partners on Equinix Forum, and it’s worth seeing how industry leaders are taking on these problems by visiting Forum yourself. Other topics recently covered on Forum include a look at the true value of AWS Auto Scaling and the five essential attributes for any business wide area network.

The roundup below samples these stories and offers links to more information.



Colt study: Market participants believe current connectivity strategies falling short

A study commissioned by Colt indicates that buy-side and sell-side traders see serious deficiencies in today’s connectivity strategies. A quarter of survey respondents said it took them over a month to connect to a new client, and 10% say it took more than two months. Nearly 6 in 10 respondents said their desk should be able access markets more quickly and 34% believe delays adversely affect new revenues.

“Ultra-low latency is not the only consideration when it comes to a firm’s connectivity strategy. Reliable and faster connections to the marketplace are essential to trading desk performance.” – John Loveland, VP Capital Markets, Colt

To access the full study, click here.

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iTMethods looks into the real value of AWS Auto Scaling

The buzz around AWS Auto Scaling is largely based on the ability it gives organizations to automatically and dynamically add and remove virtual servers in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. But in a blog post, iTMethods’ Dave Anand says that while it’s important to be able to react to emerging needs in an automated way, the practical implications of AWS Auto Scaling are often overlooked.

“Quite significantly, when resources are no longer needed, resource usage will automatically scale back / in and I can reap the cost benefits of the utility computing model.”


Find a link to the blog post here.

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CloudSigma offers advice on finding a path through the shifting legal maze of data storage

New domestic and international rules about data treatment and safety are being constantly created, and many organizations find themselves continuously confronting questions about legal requirements for the physical storage of their data. In a blog post, CloudSigma’s Yoanna Savova offers some insight and advice about how to negotiate this complicated terrain.

We provide not only a well thought out and transparent legal structuring that makes compliance with data laws much easier for our customers, but also just as powerful a platform in terms of performance and feature-set.”

Find a link to the blog post here.

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Nimbo analysis: comparing the costs of disaster recovery in the cloud

Ensuring uninterrupted access to your application during site outages is essential to selling business-critical products, but the cost of guaranteeing that access can be a huge obstacle. A multi-part blog series by Nimbo’s Casey Esworthy compares the costs of a range of high availability/disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure designs, and looks at how the public cloud can fit in.

“The cost savings for using the cloud as DR are so compelling that IT professionals should at least consider some of the major cloud IaaS providers as an option.”

Access the first part of the analysis here.



Global Capacity outlines 5 essential attributes for designing the new business WAN

Wide area networks (WANs) are critical to the day-to-day operations of the enterprise, but there is no single WAN technology that effectively meets every requirement to connect all enterprise application and all locations. That means designing the right WAN can be complex and time-consuming, though Global Capacity’s Mary Stanhope says it doesn’t have to be. In an article, Stanhope outline five essential attributes for designing the best WAN solution.

“One Marketplace connects global enterprises with thousands of locations, providing full visibility into the access market and connecting the right applications to the right locations with the right services for optimal network performance and price.”

Find the full article at this link.

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