Getting on the Cloud Just Got Easier

John Cooper


According to the latest Cisco Global Cloud Index, by 2018 cloud workloads will represent 78% of total data center workloads. Despite this bullish projection, many enterprises fear that migrating to the cloud poses some risk and requires an upfront investment that they may not want to make.

To help enterprises get a taste of cloud computing without a lot of commitment and to lower risk, Equinix is offering an Enterprise Starter Kit for Equinix Cloud Exchange in a single, low-cost, entry-level cabinet.

Fast, low-risk, cost-effective interconnection to multiple clouds – The Equinix Cloud Exchange is the best way for enterprises to interconnect and consume multiple cloud services quickly. It offers direct, high-speed connections to more than 500 cloud providers globally, including major players such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and SoftLayer. The connections are private, bypassing the public Internet, so they’re much faster and more secure, and provisioning virtual connections to multiple clouds is handled automatically through a single physical network port.

Not only do you get a wide choice of direct connectivity options to multiple clouds via Equinix’s dense ecosystem of more than 1,000 networks, you can also get discounts from carriers and cloud providers that no longer have to provide their services to you over long distance connections. For example, Instead of the typical 9 to 12 cents per gigabyte charged for cloud data egress, you can get a private cloud connection for as little as two pennies per gig ̶ more than a four-fold price decrease.

Superior user experience – Equinix is at the crossroads of the major networks, with more than 100 Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers providing network peering points in more than 33 global metro areas in 15 countries. Simply extending your wide area network (WAN) via an Equinix Performance Hub at a single IBX facility takes four or five hops off of your network path. That means much lower latency, fewer places to fail and fewer opportunities for man-in-the-middle attacks and catastrophic data breaches.

You have the option to replicate applications and information to multiple global locations for a much better mobile and remote office user experience – particularly for latency-sensitive applications that perform best over short distances. Replicating a database across locations means much faster access to data for roaming users.

Extending your on-premise network via a Performance Hub (another use of the Enterprise Starter Kit) can often be done via high-speed metro Ethernet connections for superior performance and lower cost – or MPLS or Internet VPN, if necessary. This is truly a savings, because many enterprises find the Performance Hub provides a significant long-term competitive advantage for growing their business globally.

Reliable disaster recovery – Enterprises can use their Enterprise Starter Kit or redundant cloud configurations to provide for disaster recovery and for storage backup solutions. Clouds can be more economical and scalable than buying more disks. Replicated Performance Hubs will also provide redundant WAN interconnectivity for business continuity.

Superior business agility – Private, low-cost access to thousands of cloud and network providers allows enterprises to get new services up and running in minutes or days, rather than days or months, for less ramp-up costs and resources than running the same applications in-house. This translates into lower risk for new business initiatives.

Cloud migration in a single cabinet

Enterprises can now take advantage of everything the Equinix Cloud Exchange and Performance Hub have to offer for cloud migration within a single cabinet. Pricing starts at under $1,000 for a commitment of one year.

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John Cooper
John Cooper Solutions Architect at Equinix; specializing in cloud solutions for the enterprise, media and telco