The Big Five: Up, Running, Interconnecting

The Big Five: Up, Running, Interconnecting

The party we hosted in New York earlier this month to mark the opening of our new NY6 data center was really just the continuation of a celebration we’ve been holding around the world all year.

2015 will be remembered at Equinix for our “Big Five,” the five new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers we opened worldwide to expand interconnection services for our customers. The new facilities span four continents and give our customers fast and secure access to our partners, customers and the markets they need to grow in an interconnected era.

Each data center brings unique strengths to unique markets, and before we introduce our next Big Five, let us take another look at these five:


ME1 (Melbourne)


Our Melbourne data center brought us into a brand new market. Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria, which accounts for a quarter of Australia’s gross domestic product. ME1 adds critical data center space in a country that is seeing rapid cloud expansion. It is located just two miles from Melbourne’s central business district and provides proximity to the region’s most important industries and easy access to a new Equinix entry point in Asia-Pacific.


SG3 (Singapore)


The SG3 facility in Singapore is a seven-story structure in the heart of an increasingly important economic hub, and it is now Equinix’s largest IBX in the region. Phase 1 of SG3 has 35,000 square feet of colocation space, giving us room to meet demand that’s being driven by increasing cloud and mobile use regionally, as well as Singapore’s emergence as a financial services center. The facility is built to protect customer data from a variety of threats. It stands in a flood- and earthquake-free zone and it is surrounded by security fencing and blast-resistant reinforced concrete walls.


TR2 (Toronto)


We’ve been looking to expand in Toronto since we entered this global financial center in 2010, and our TR2 facility allows us to do that. Toronto is North America’s fourth-largest city and enjoys geographic proximity to major U.S. market centers like Chicago and New York. It is located outside the jurisdiction of U.S. regulators, which is important to customers with data sovereignty concerns. TR2 is linked to our network-dense TR1 facility as if they were in the same building. And it is very near to the Toronto Stock Exchange, enabling low-latency, high-performance connections.


LD6 (London)


LD6 in London adds 86,000 square feet of space at the important London Slough campus, which is the origination point for a quarter of Europe’s equity trades. It also hosts LINX, one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges. LD6 joins our two existing IBX data centers in London Slough, giving us increased capacity and resilience at this fast-growing campus. We built LD6 from the ground up, giving us the ability to design a data center that supports our commitment to sustainability. For example, we are collecting and using rainwater to provide water for our air handling units, thereby decreasing our requirements for water from the local water supply utility.


NY6 (New York)


NY6 was built to give expanding businesses the kind of space supplied by wholesale data center providers, while maintaining the services offered by retail providers like us. Phase 1 offers two large business suites, each of which provides 1.8 megawatts of power and can accommodate up to 360 cabinets at 5 kilowatts each. To increase flexibility, each suite can be divided into a maximum of six sub-suites. The business suites come with standard Equinix services, including robust power backup and security. NY6 is close to the IBX data centers at the core of our business-critical financial services ecosystem in New York, so it is very appealing to companies that want to expand their financial services.

Check out more information at our Big Five Web pages.

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