Equinix Developer Platform: Powering the API Economy


As Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of things (IoT) continue to transform business, application (“app”) strategies are becoming critical for companies to seize new opportunities and along the lines of digital innovation. App strategies, in particular mobile app strategies, primarily rely on programming interfaces to invoke business logic or access data in clouds or data lakes. Therefore, the centerpiece to implementing an “app strategy” is to adopt an “API first” approach. This approach follows logically from the “Virtualize first” policy pioneered by VMware, and the “Cloud first” policy posited by many of the current cloud players. An API firstapproach focuses on providing application programmable interfaces (APIs) first in contrast to user interfaces (non-programmable) to enable new and extensible business capabilities and ultimately to allow business-to-business interconnections that fuel the digital economy.

This strategy has gained momentum for a couple of reasons. First, we live in a multi-device world where businesses have found that building an API layer that can serve all of their applications is the most sensible strategy for efficiently developing and maintaining desktop, tablet and mobile apps, whether web-based or native. Second, it is now possible to build new business models with APIs, leveraging cloud, mobile, big data, analytics capabilities that are now readily available for consumption and packaging to consumers or to other business. For example, new sources of data such as that provided at www.data.gov offers new business possibilities when you exploit this data with well-structured APIs. At Equinix, software architecture and engineering teams primarily follow an “API first” approach to enable new business capabilities for Equinix and our customers.

The API Ecosystem and the Equinix Developer Platform

As APIs become critical to businesses, there’s a strategic need for companies to foster an API Ecosystem. Equinix Developer Platform is an Equinix initiative to foster the API Ecosystem and support the Developer community to Explore, Subscribe and Connect to Equinix’s programmable interfaces.


As part of the Equinix Software Architecture & Engineering team, we have seen how the Digital Economy is evolving in terms of overall API Design & Development in the Industry as well as within Equinix and this blog provides you an overview & capabilities of Equinix Developer Platform.

Developer Platform Overview:

A Single Pane of Glass to effectively engage Developer Community and enable API Exploration, API Subscription & Collaboration.

Platform Capabilities


The Equinix Cloud Exchange suite of APIs is the first incumbent on the Equinix Developer Platform with a suite of other API catalogs to follow.

With this capability, Equinix took a significant step towards providing a simple, intuitive and engaging platform for our Developer Community & thus taking our Digital Journey forward.

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