Meet the Challenge: A Smoother Move to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Matt Tuttle


Security. Compliance. Cost. These concerns inevitably complicate – and can delay – every move to the cloud. Here’s how:

  • Security: The costs and reputational impact of a security breach are enormous and mandate a detailed risk assessment at each level of cloud migration and operation.
  • Compliance: Data sovereignty and privacy rules about what kind of data can go in the cloud differ by country and region, and different industries enforce various standards (for encryption, backup, storage, etc.).
  • Cost: Many enterprises have legacy systems that need to be integrated into more dynamic cloud environments or outdated applications that require significant and costly modernization work before they are suited for the cloud.

Things get even more complex when the migration involves not just one cloud, but many, and that’s becoming the norm. Nearly 8 in 10 IT professionals surveyed in 2014 by Dimensional Research for Equinix said they planned to use multiple clouds, and 77% planned to adopt multi-cloud architectures over the next year. And another key question is where the enterprise will actually deploy its various IT components, with colocation facilities like Equinix operates an important option.

In the face of these challenges, comprehensive planning is essential. A well-designed, resilient cloud interconnection architecture frees enterprise IT to fully exploit the cloud to drive improved user satisfaction, new efficiencies and revenue streams. Otherwise, hybrid/multi-cloud migration can become costly and all-consuming.

The growing obstacles are the reason we acquired Nimbo, a leading professional services company. Nimbo offers end-to-end solutions for mid-sized and large enterprises as they transition to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. Nimbo is the Microsoft-recommended Azure ExpressRoute system integrator for the U.S., and an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner. Their key services include:

  • Cloud Assessments: A four-phase approach includes: 1) a cloud readiness assessment of existing servers and applications; 2) a current and future architectural state analysis of all apps; 3) a simplified migration plan; 4) a total cost of ownership report and a return on investment analysis.
  • Cloud Enablement: Nimbo’s cloud enablement helps customers take the first step into cloud computing. Nimbo creates foundational elements, navigates customers through initial security and set up and configures your connectivity to the cloud environment.
  • Cloud Migration: Nimbo combines the “lift and shift” and “greenfield” migration methodologies to best meet company objectives. Lift and shift requires limited configuration and is the fastest way to migrate to the cloud. Greenfield offers complete customization, use of latest technologies, application updates and optimized performance. Migration plans are customized to a company’s unique business environments to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry requirements.
  • Cloud Optimization: Nimbo helps companies maximize cloud benefits in the following ways: recommending cost-effective cloud purchase models; scheduling efficient resource uptime; helping systems evolve to take advantage of cloud advances; helping enterprises transform “always up” workloads into “on-demand” workloads.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR): The cloud has made effective disaster recovery solutions affordable, and Nimbo offers DR options that are 100% tailored to the individual enterprise.

Combining Nimbo’s services with Equinix, the Home of the Interconnected Cloud ™, offers enterprises a potent level of choice and flexibility. Equinix operates 105 data centers in 33 markets, delivering access into several established ecosystems, including one with 500-plus cloud service providers. Meanwhile, the Equinix Cloud Exchange directly and simultaneously connects the enterprise to multiple cloud providers from a single port, which simplifies interactions with cloud service providers while bypassing the public internet.

Together, Equinix and Nimbo are a one-stop shop for everything cloud. Click the links to get expert help from Equinix and Nimbo on hybrid or multi-cloud adoption and operation.