Finding Talent Means Being Global, Mobile and Fast

Larry McAlister
Finding Talent Means Being Global, Mobile and Fast


Equinix’s global reach continues to expand, and the demand for top talent is extremely high in the cities where global business is conducted. This year we increased our presence on four continents, and in the next year we’re planning to open new data centers in Tokyo and Sydney and expanding in Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro. Because we’re always growing, and our managers are on the move, we needed a globally consistent talent acquisition process that keeps pace with our own ambitions, our customers’ needs and an increasingly mobile workforce.

For the last several months, we’ve been working on adding the following functionality to our program:

  • Anytime, anywhere video interviewing capabilities, accessible to job candidates and managers everywhere
  • The ability to bring entire hiring teams together to collaborate, wherever they are, on a single mobile application

Speed is particularly important in the ultra-hot global job market we compete in. We have to maximize it ensure we get to the top candidates first, so we can find the best employees, to ensure that our customers get the best experience, no matter where they are based.

Our general approach to talent acquisition mirrors in many ways our operational imperative to provide the quick, seamless interconnection among multiple parties that’s required in the interconnected era. In the talent realm, we want our candidates to connect with managers and managers with their colleagues when they need to, and as fast as possible, so we can move through the process with both speed and diligence, and we are leveraging some global technology platforms that help us do that:

  • The HireVue digital interviewing platform allows candidates to videotape a short initial interview on their own time (during our pilot, 55% completed it during non-business hours), and hiring managers to view it when they want. Our early screening process is now done in just over four days, compared to the week or so it takes to just set up a first call with a candidate under our old system.
  • The Workday mobile recruiting application gives our managers one global view of applicant tracking and reporting, allowing our teams to collaborate and act more quickly, regardless of which of our 33 markets we’re hiring in. It also gives all our employees a chance to share our open jobs on their social networks. Workday recognizes the reality that recruiting isn’t just global now, it’s 24/7, and highly collaborative. It’s worth noting that we’re the first company that’s integrating Workday with HireVue as part of one seamless global process.

An emphasis on being fast and nimble globally is helping us meet the demand for top talent worldwide. To learn more about our talent philosophy and our continuing work to respond quickly to customer, employee and business needs, visit:


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