Creating the Interconnected Enterprise


To quote one of our enterprise customers, “If we’re not interconnected, we would be out of business.” Today’s enterprises are realizing how transformative becoming an interconnected enterprise can be on how they run their businesses and better position them to compete in an evolving digital economy. They are rejecting status quo organizational silos, IT-centric infrastructures and legacy networks in favor of more user-centric, distributed, interconnection-oriented platforms.

By embracing a more integrated interconnection paradigm, you remove the roadblocks preventing your enterprise from connecting people, locations, clouds and data. Raising the bar on your enterprise interconnectivity also dramatically increases your capacity to grow, innovate, collaborate and speed new value to market.

This last article in our “interconnected enterprise” series will highlight how to move your digital enterprise into the next generation of interconnected enterprises.

The Interconnected Enterprise at Work

An interconnected enterprise is built upon an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ that enables enterprises to directly and securely connect employees, partners and customers to what they need, in the right context, using the devices, channels and services they prefer. You gain control of your enterprise’s ability to react in real time, adapt quickly and leverage digital ecosystems to create new value and growth.

Accelerating your transition into an interconnected enterprise begins with choosing the right interconnection partner. You should look for five critical things:

Global Distribution

Choose colocation data centers in major worldwide metropolitan business centers close to dispersed users, applications, data, networks and clouds, because that’s where everything happens. Your interconnected enterprise can establish consistent interconnection services at scores of global access points, giving you the global presence needed for new growth and opportunity.

Flexible Interconnections

To respond faster to planned and unplanned changes in your organization and the world around you, then you need to more easily and quickly adapt your interconnection and IT infrastructure. A partner with an interconnection-oriented platform will enable you to design your IT around your users, applications, data and business requirements and ensure enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery protection.

Fast, Close, Direct Connections

Legacy, long distance, IT-centric connections cannot perform in today’s mobile-, social- and multi-cloud-based environments. These dynamic systems of engagement require a quality of experience that only direct, high-speed Ethernet interconnections between corporate data centers, remote offices and users and globally distributed interconnection access points can deliver. Seek out proximate access to network provider peering points for fewer or no hops along enterprise interconnection paths. That translates to fast performance and ultra-low latency when delivering today’s latency-sensitive applications and interactive services to remote locations and roaming mobile and social-savvy users.

Ecosystem Density

Colocate with an interconnection and data center platform partner that supports a dense ecosystem of top-tier cloud providers (Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service), as well as regional cloud providers that more cost-effectively support local markets. In addition, find a vendor-neutral interconnection platform that houses a large network ecosystem of global and local carriers. This will provide the scalability and flexibility needed to match any cloud service and workload with the best, most cost-effective network provider.

Secure Connections

Rather than relying on the tenuous security of the public Internet, look for an interconnection partner that enables you to harness direct, secure connections at global interconnection access points, where security services can be placed at the edge, closer to enterprise users and data. This makes it easier to quickly adjust security deployments as compliance and local data sovereignty requirements change.

Why Equinix is the Place to Build Your Interconnected Enterprise

Equinix provides the interconnection enterprises need to stay in business and compete long into the future. Its Interconnection Oriented Architecture enables companies to react in real time, adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to create new value and growth. More than 1,000 networks, 500+ cloud providers and 4,750+ businesses are housed among our 100+ data centers worldwide. We physically and virtually have the IT and business connections in place for you to develop your interconnected enterprise based on a single, vendor-agnostic interconnection and IT data center platform.

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