Video: Opportunity, Expansion and Optimism in Asia-Pacific

Video: Opportunity, Expansion and Optimism in Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is a region that combines a proven and durable economic vitality with unmatched potential. Two of the top 5 global economies are there, and so are 4 of the top 10 fastest-growing markets (China makes both lists). It’s a place to find both new business and longtime partners.

Equinix knows this because we’ve been enabling interconnection in Asia-Pacific for years. We began operating our first data center in Asia-Pacific in 2002, when China, the world’s second-largest economy, was just edging into the Top 5 and emerging economies such as Indonesia were just emerging.

Today, we run 21 data centers in the region after we added SG3 in Singapore and ME1, our first facility in Melbourne, earlier this year. Our footprint sweeps clockwise through Sydney and Melbourne, up to Jakarta and Singapore, then north through Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo, and we’ll be expanding in Tokyo next year

We’ve created a video timeline to illustrate our history in this dynamic region. Our story in Asia-Pacific is one of opportunity, expansion and optimism, and we want to tell it, even as we look for new ways and places in Asia-Pacific where we can help our customers meet the demands of the interconnected era.

Some of the historical highlights we cover in the video are below. Watch the video to see them all.


  • Our merger with iSTT and Pihana Pacific is completed in 2002 and we begin operating in Asia in four markets.
  • We launch a mobile data exchange service in Singapore in 2006. We later duplicate the service in the U.S.


  • Our expansion in Tokyo begins as we open our second data center there in 2008.
  • We move into mainland China, in Shanghai, by cementing a key partnership there in 2010.
  • We take home Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 Australia Excellence Award.


  • Our $231 million acquisition of Asia Tone in 2012 adds five data centers and one disaster recovery site, spread across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.
  • We open our first data center in Osaka, Japan, in 2013
  • The opening of our seven-story SG3 facility in 2015 gives us our largest facility in Asia-Pacific.

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