Managed Private “Multi-Cloud Enabled” Colocation


Elastic Colocation – Nextgen Datacenter Solution

Cloud solutions and adoption promises speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity & cost efficiency with innovation; however these benefits add tricky tracheotomies namely governance, complexity and security. In today’s emerging elastic ecosystem, datacenters are trusted by enterprises and well-funded startups to convert their colocation space as a managed elastic colocation.

Datacenters with their interconnection ability can enable customers to embrace multi-cloud strategy and burst their work load into any preferred cloud vendors on-demand.

Private cloud and multi-cloud enabled colocation market is projected to grow 10X in the next 3 years and currently valued at 67billion, with enterprises moving towards elasticity enablers of such solutions are few to meet the growing demands of any enterprise and top-notch startups, any such scalable solution offered by the datacenters can be huge value addition to its sales figures.

In the paradigm of an elastic enterprise, building strategic elastic capabilities starts from infrastructure and moves up to flexible global resources enabling business platforms. In other words DNA for any elastic enterprise starts with its datacenter that enables business to scale on-demand.

It’s not just a sound bite; it’s also true that most organization need datacenters, to run their applications which in-turn supports their business growth. This makes datacenters the bedrock behind successful business applications; henceforth in the cloud terrene datacenters can offer Multi-Cloud Enabled colocation (A NEXGEN colocation) which will empower their customers to host, run applications and proliferate across any cloud and datacenter in simple mouse clicks. Colocation’s enabled with elastic, scalable, secured and multi-cloud workload’s migration is the future!

Multi-Cloud Enabled solution solves range of problems for organizations IT teams such as:

  • Ensuring operational excellence & consistency
  • Supporting multi-cloud workload migration On-Demand
  • Enable self-serviced infrastructure
  • Scalable and compliant setup
  • Integrating with provisioning and orchestration engines

When the factors of hindrance are taken care off by the datacenter (like Auto scaling, Projection, monitoring, benchmarking automated recovery) and an unique solution is offered along with above mentioned benefits, Enterprise IT or continuous delivery teams can works towards enabling business to achieve agility and elasticity.


Datacenters can be the best choice to meet growing business demands by enabling scalable infrastructure and multi-cloud migrations supporting application traffic, geography, end user locations, multi-cloud workload migration and security.

To be the pioneer as a “Multi-Cloud Enabler” for their existing customers and to attract new customers (including customers through new acquisitions and innovation), the giants in the space of datacenter business have already started to offer multi-cloud solutions.

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